Turns Out Neymar Refused To Swap Shirts With Celtic Youngster Anthony Ralston For A Very Good Reason

Chris Wright

14th, September 2017


Neymar got himself in a bit of pickle after PSG walloped Celtic in the Champions League on Tuesday when the Brazilian super-duper-star appeared to snub a handshake request from his man-marker on the night, young defender Anthony Ralston.

The pair had gone tit for tat all match, and the perceived acrimony intensified when Neymar also refused to swap shirts with the 18-year-old, who was making only the sixth senior appearance of his professional career.

However, mitigating circumstances have since come to light that show the PSG striker had a very good reason to turn down Ralston’s shirt-swap request – he’d already pledged to give his match-worn jersey to charity.

Specifically, Neymar agreed to donate his shirt to the Marina Dalglish Appeal, the cancer foundation ran by the wife of Celtic legend, Kenneth…

Kenny and Marina’s youngest daughter, Lauren, confirmed that Neymar’s shirt was already spoken for and apologised to the PSG forward for all the inconvenience…

So, turns out he’s not a total monster after all.

Who’d have thunk?

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  1. Jay says:

    I don’t think there was any mention of shirt swapping, it was more about the refusal of the handshake. I played Gaelic football for years, when you cross that line it is a battle but when the final whistle blows you shake hands, show respect and even go for a pint. I have had many a physical battle that has boiled over but at the end of the game you leave that on the pitch.

  2. TM says:

    He didn’t try to get Neymar’s shirt, he tried to shake his hand. He’s 18 and making his CL debut, not shaking his hand was very poor. Ralston still went to him first at the final whistle despite Neymar getting booked for diving to get Ralston sent off.

  3. Bill says:

    All the stuff about swapping shirts seems to have come about as Dalglish mentioned Neymar donated his shirt to a charity he set up to commemorate his wife.
    Before that story broke it was he had simply refused to shake the Celtic players hand.
    Seems like a case of both stories becoming one somewhere along the line.

  4. The truth says:

    Who cares about some horrible full back from Celtic who says Neymar is ”just a normal player” but ended up losing 5-0….. at home…… just go home, shut up and work hard to avoid being humiated next time, mate. A lot of talk and not a lot of talent there, mr. Ralston.

    • Jay says:

      Top class comment there ‘The truth’. He is only keeping the shirt warm until you grow big enough and a good enough to fit into t.

      • Geraldo says:

        @Jay -I know “the truth” from elsewhere and can confirm that he’s as self-opinionated, self-important and sanctimonious as his stupid post suggests. Best just to let him have his little rants and say nothing…

  5. Beano says:

    This is one of the oddest bits of damage control I’ve ever encountered. Complete disconnect with what people were actually addressing concern over (or commenting on).
    Hell, Ralston was even interviewed, and specifically mentioned the lack of a handshake, but nothing about Neymar declining to swap shirts

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