Gareth Bale thinks about golf as Real Madrid celebrate La Liga title win

Ollie Irish

17th, July 2020


You know Bale is thinking about his golf game as his jubilant Real Madrid team-mates toss Zinedine Zidane into the air. He might also be thinking, I hope you drop the bald bastard – but let’s leave enmity out of the picture for now.

Bale’s body language isn’t difficult to read: he’s an outcast but hey, things could be worse. Footage of Real players celebrating makes this even more obvious:

Brilliant. Bale gives no fucks. None! He’s won another title and what did it cost?

We expect professional footballers to love the game as much as fans love it, so when they don’t it’s confusing and even infuriating. I kind of respect the hell out of Bale for reverse-trolling Zidane and the club – Real made it clear they didn’t want him first – but equally I get why some of their fans have felt insulted by his golf-first attitude. On which note, you should watch this chat with Bale where he talks a lot about golf. I’ve never seen him so relaxed and unguarded in an interview. Hard to dislike the man.

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  1. PetrovskyKSC says:

    I really hate Sergio Ramos.

  2. JP says:

    Jesus, that fucking jabroni doing the interview…

    The fact that Bale managed to be polite really reflects well on the man.

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