Football GIF: Jose Mourinho Celebrates Second Chelsea Goal As Blues Blow Title Race Wide Open At Anfield

Alan Duffy

27th, April 2014


By Alan Duffy.

Holy God! What a day in the Premier League and one potentially pivotal at both ends of the table. At the business end, Jose Mourinho may well have ‘parked the bus’ at Anfield, but his Blues still netted two goals to stun the reds and make Man City the favourites to win the title.

Not one to shirk an opportunity to celebrate, Mourinho produced a mighty celebration when Willian scored the Blues’ second goal late on….

GIF: 101gg

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  1. Neil says:

    the (cr)appy one. Hundreds of millions spent and he parks the bus for most of the match.

  2. Joe says:

    Worse badge pat of the season. No where near.

  3. bob says:

    to be honest youre paid to win matches no matter how. no one remembers how you won but just that you won

  4. Cosa says:

    Quite wrong, people remember exactly how you won, they don’t remember how anyone lost

  5. PdeJé says:

    To say it in Didier Drogba´s words: “It’s a f*cking disgrace!” Mourinho ruines football. The most unbelievable thing of it all is that all the Chelsea players are contributing to this “tactical plan” of this crazy fool. Nobody has the balls or character to tell him that this is not the way you play football.

  6. sleeba says:

    “Nobody has the balls or character to tell him that this is not the way you play football.”
    What a load of tripe PdeJé. Try telling that to all the players that have won something under his managership.
    Liverpool turned up today as champions elect, their fans thought it was in their pockets. With all the hoopla, everyone got carried away and now must be absolutely gutted.
    You play to win not to lose. Viva Mourinho.

  7. ScottM says:

    Start the 11 mourinho did and substitue mou for moyes…liverpool would have won 4-0.
    Mourinho is a winner, and his players respect him for that. I bet on player’s resumes they put an asterisk next to “played for_____ under Jose Mourinho”.

    On a side note, did anyone else get emotional seeing a grey haired giggs manage united ? Where has the time gone?

  8. Jarren says:

    I think he came to the game expecting 0-0.

    Gerrard slipped on the wet surface for the first goal before half-time. Very unfortunate, but taken very well by Ba.

    The second goal came when Liverpool had to throw everything forward, they could lose 0-1 or they could lose 0-2. Not really much of a difference considering Man City’s (at the time) 5 goal advantage over Liverpool in the goal difference standings.

    Yes, Chelsea scored twice. The first was pure luck, the second was just waiting for desperation to lead to inadvertent infiltration.


  9. KingB3113 says:

    Lol @ all the butt hurt Liverpool fans saying this is not “how you play football.”. Football is equal parts attack and defence. Just cause your manager knows nothing but to attack, does not mean it’s the “right” way to play. Brenda should have been smart enough to realise that only a point was needed.

  10. PdeJé says:

    So KingB3113 and Sleeba you guys rather see a 0-0 game where Liverpool and Chelsea both park the bus for 90+ minutes? I am glad this is not the football philosophy we have in Holland.

    Off topic: Most big games are all the same now a days one team parks the bus and tries to place some counter attacks. The other team tries to find a way to break down the wall of players. I think this is a bad development.

  11. Nuno says:

    Mourinho himself says he shouldn’t be credited for these last 2 wins, that “it’s really bad”

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