‘You Can’t Measure His Blunders By Normal Standards’ – German Newspaper Bild Rescind Loris Karius’ Lowly Champions League Final Match Rating After Learning Of Concussion

Chris Wright

5th, June 2018

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German newspaper Bild have rescinded the lowly rating they administered to Loris Karius for his error-strewn performance in the Champions League final.

The paper gave the Liverpool goalkeeper a 6 (which is the lowest possible ranking on their peculiar 1-6 scale) after he dropped a couple of hapless clangers in the 3-1 defeat against Real Madrid in Kiev.

However, it has since come to light that Karius suffered a concussion mere minutes before he made his first mistake, which allowed Karim Benzema in to open the scoring in the 51st minute.

Given this new information, Bild have announced that they are letting the ‘keeper off the hook as their ranking system only applies to players who haven’t been bludgeoned in the head.

We draw our consequences from the diagnosis. We are rescinding the 6 rating for the former Mainz player (Karius).

You can’t measure his blunders by normal standards because of the concussion.

It’s a fact: The diagnosis won’t hand Karius and Liverpool the trophy, but it will restore the goal keepers honour!

How thoroughly sporting of them.