‘This Will Not Be Tolerated’ – Liverpool Condemn Behaviour Of Fans In Barcelona Seen Racially Abusing Man After Pushing Him In Fountain

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Liverpool have released a statement condemning the behaviour of a group of their fans in Barcelona after footage showing a man being taunted and pushed into a fountain circulated on social media on Wednesday morning.

The video shows Reds fans milling about in the Placa Reial square ahead of the Champions League semi-final at the Camp Nou. In the background, an Asian man is shoved into the pool.

The man then approaches the camera, sodden wet-through, only for the assembled idiots to call him ‘Mr Miyagi’ as they whinny and cackle.

Of course, the contemptible scenes were met with a barrage of derision from fellow fans and neutrals appalled that such rancid “lads on tour” shite is still going on in 2019.

Liverpool themselves have now echoed the sentiment, branding the conduct of the supporters involved “totally unacceptable” in an official club statement.

The statement reads:

Liverpool Football Club is working with Merseyside Police and the authorities in Spain, who are endeavouring to identify those involved in the incident.

Such behaviour is clearly totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

It would be inappropriate to comment further while the situation is ongoing other than to confirm the club will follow due process in any and all cases of this nature.

Here’s hoping they nab them all and give them something to be sorry about.

Is it any wonder English football fans abroad are routinely treated like animals?