XI Things we miss about Sven Goran Eriksson’s reign as England manager (even though we hated it at the time and still wouldn’t take him back)


7th, September 2007


1 Waiting with baited breath for the Sunday tabloids to come out to see what trouble he had got himself into this week.
2 The fact that he seemed to be at every Premier League ground every Saturday.
3 Errrr, well, er, impersonating his, er, post-match interviews, of course.

4 Taking sweepstakes on how many defensive midfielders would be on the pitch within 10 minutes of scoring a goal.
5 Beating Germany (anyway would do, but especially 1-5 away).
6 Eventually forcing FIFA to scrap NFL-style personnel changes in friendlies.
7 Imagining the Ice Man’s rows with a purple-faced Sir Alex Ferguson.
8 Being led to believe that England’s best player was called Whine Hroony.
9 Chris Powell
10 Being confident that we would qualify for tournaments and just fail when we got there (as opposed to now when you can’t even be confident we will qualify).
11 Having an England manager with teeth which were safe to view with the naked eye.

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  1. Dom says:

    Good work with this one Rob, much lolz garnered from points 8 and 11.

  2. mike says:

    Leave it to the English to pick on a guy for having white teeth.