‘I’m Happy Here, I Really Am’ – Carlos Tevez Plays Down Rift

Chris Wright

7th, December 2010


By Chris Wright

“Wait, don’t go! I…I need you”

After reacting brattishly to being substituted in the final minute against Bolton at the weekend, Manchester City have moved quickly to produce a lengthy ‘all is well’ interview with striker Carlos Tevez (via their self-serving, in-house media company) in a bid to play down rumours of a growing rift between the bolshy Argentinian and his manager Roberto Mancini.

Speaking to CityTV, Tevez also confirmed that rumours of an early retirement aren’t too far from the mark, though moving back home to spend more time with his family in Buenos Aires is hardly an imminent concern:

“I’m happy here. I really am. I do miss my family, just like anyone would when they are not around. But I don’t see retirement happening for a long time to come.

“A sacrifice has to be made when you make a commitment like I have done with City and it is something I am going to see through. Once that job is done I will have plenty of time with my kids.”

Tevez went on to quash rumours of spiralling unrest within the City camp, insisting that tempers sporadically flare at every club from time to time:

“It is just like any club. There are both good and bad vibes alike. The most important thing is that, as players, we are all pulling in the same direction and trying to do our best for the club.

“Anything that goes on between us (Tevez and Mancini) off the pitch or in the dressing room stays there and he and I keep on fighting for the club.”

“There is a lot of pressure within the club which the players are always stuck with. Sometimes the odd thing gets out of the dressing room through people who don’t have the best interests of the club at heart.

“It’s not big deal. You just have to live with it.”

Move along, nothing to see here.