Man Utd Put Boot Into Former Boss David Moyes In TV Advert

Alan Duffy

19th, July 2014


By Alan Duffy


We’re a day or so late with this one but it’s still worth a mention! Manchester United’s MUTV channel had a right bitchy swipe at the Red Devils’ former boss in a new advert previewing the new season.

Using the infamous “Chosen one” phrase beside a picture of Moyes, along with the words “Following a season of discontent”, it rather puts the boot in to a coach who one imagines tried his best, albeit unsuccessfully.

What’s worse was the soundtrack, with a Scottish voice saying “‘Football, bloody hell. What the hell was that all about?’ before another voice says “I was ashamed of them’. Talk about putting the boot in! The ad then showed new manager Louis van Gaal alongside assistant Ryan Giggs.


The advert was only online for a short period before being deleted after a lot of United fans kicked up a fuss. Seems rather cheap to have a pop at an ex-manager like that, no?

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  1. Stuart says:

    Not really i had to watch that crap for 10 months

  2. Dr Graham Smith says:

    Sir Alex made two huge mistakes in his last two years as manager. The first was selling Paul Pogba too pig headed to give him a chance.

    The second and probably the biggest was to appoint David Moyes as manager.
    He cost United in excess of 50 million during his time in charge. To be totally blunt he was totally clueless, lacked positivity and will go down in History as the worst manager that United have ever had.

    A club the size of United cannot afford to have a manager with a CV which contains nothing other than he managed Everton for 11 years and won nothing.

  3. mike larry says:

    Any abuse of moyes is well justified. He got a year’s salary and a £7 million pay of for a display of sheer incompetence. He should have paid United compensation. Someone give me a job I’m useless at and pay me £10 million please.

  4. Liz welsh says:

    Ryan gigs did no better in last four games playing the so called Manchester United way. Players were disgraceful in their own way

  5. Hasselhof says:

    as if it was completely Moyes fault. Not the underperforming drama queen overpaid drama queens running around in red out there on the pitch. I wouldn’t expect much else from a club like United though. classless comes to mind. A victim of their own success.

  6. Heath Newton says:

    No matter how nasty the abuse aimed at Moyes, it could never be enough. The guy is a clueless clown.

  7. Al says:

    typically classless from United, no wonder every other club refers to them as “scum”

  8. Aidan says:

    We’ve no guarantee yet that Moyes was the only problem, wait to see how things go under van Gaal. Maybe Utd were past it in 2013-14 anyway, regardless of who the manager was.
    That said, while Moyes is your man to take on an average club, bring them up the league(s) and keep them there, Man Utd aren’t an average club. Moyes’ reaction to getting the Utd job seemed to have been ‘shucks, li’l ol’me, sure I’ll see what I can do’, whereas the start of the season seemingly can’t come quickly enough for van Gaal.

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