Cristiano Ronaldo wins PFA awards double

Ollie Irish

22nd, April 2007


ronaldopfa.jpgAs expected, Cristiano Ronaldo has won both the PFA Young Player of the Year and the Player of the Year awards. Ronaldo said: ‘It is a special night. It is amazing and a big honour for me to win trophies like this in the English Premier League. I am very proud.
‘My colleagues have voted for me and that is fantastic because the players know the qualities of players… I want to keep working hard and getting better because these trophies have now given me more motivation.’
For the main Player of the Year award, Didier Drogba was voted in second place, with Paul Scholes in third. For the youngsters, Cesc Fabregas came second, followed by Aaron Lennon. I think the players got the awards spot-on (and you agreed with them), although I still think Michael Essien was incredibly unlucky not to have been shortlisted.

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  1. karan says:

    i think ricardo carvalho should have been on the list ahead of essien and gerrard, and i’m a utd fan!

  2. mbetobong says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    i think carvahlo is shit , also utd fan !

  4. Harpz says:

    I think dat Ronaldo is a bum ting and dat he deserved to win PFA Young Player of the Year and the Player of the Year awards. and by da way Man U r shit, der only winnin cuz on ronaldo.
    This si frm a Liverpool supporter dat loves ronaldo off.

  5. da gal who stole my boyfrnd says:

    A gal in yr11 at george salter high fancies da life of laughear u.
    p.s. i might b in yr9 but i can still beat da shit out of ya watch ya bck little biatch. ha ha

  6. jatt says:

    wat da fuck u losa harpz um a biach star h8 ya

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hey hey hey calm dwn calm dwn no need 2 get all fucked up listen yeh u did sumit wrong so den all u hv 2 do is face the consequnces so in future b mre careful.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hey hey

  9. Anonymous says:

    Jatt wat da hell r u playin at

  10. Anonymous says:

    Yez Yez ronaldo is fne, but den a gain i hpe dat Man u win AC Millan, becuase i wld prefer beatin Man u in the champions league hopefully But i wlden’t mind beatin Millan Again..
    dis is frm a liverpool supporter

  11. Anonymous says:

    hi ronaldo i love you so much for gemma xxxxxxx