Should the PFA’s Team of the Season include the entire Man Utd defence?

Ollie Irish

22nd, April 2007


manu%202.jpgAs well as Ronaldo taking the individual spoils, the PFA Team of the Season was also announced last night. It makes sweet reading for Man Utd fans, with no less than eight United players making the cut: Edwin van der Sar; Gary Neville, Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic, Patrice Evra; Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Cristiano Ronaldo (all Man Utd), Steven Gerrard (Liverpool); Didier Drogba (Chelsea), Dimitar Berbatov (Spurs)
I don’t argue with Vidic, Evra, Scholes and Ronaldo, but I would dispute the claims of Van der Sar (Petr Chech, Ben Foster and David James have had better seasons), G Neville (Steve Finnan has been the best right-back in the Prem by a mile), Rio Ferdinand (not as good as Jamie Carragher or Ricardo Carvalho) and Ryan Giggs (no Michael Essien?). Liverpool and Chelsea have conceded fewer goals than United and it seems wrong that not one defender from either club makes it into this team.

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  1. Nobody says:

    I don’t think you can question Rio. Just because he doesn’t get the plaudits that Vidic got doesn’t mean that he isn’t playing just as good. While I don’t think that Carragher should be mentioned even though he had a solid season(look at how Henry does him all the time), Carvalho should be there and for me it was 50-50 with Rio but maybe since United have more to do at the back because they commit so many men foward got the edge. Wouldn’t have been surprised though if Carvalho was there. Are you actually questioning Giggs presence?? How about questioning Gerrard. What has he done this season worth of a mention.

  2. mkl says:

    Peter Cech missed half the season – he just cannot be selected here.
    Ben Foster is getting relegated. Fair enough, he has played well in a bad team, but still shouldn’t come into consideration here.
    David James, perhaps, but I think Van Der Sar was chosen over him simply because United tops the table and has played better as defensive unit.
    Finnan is hard to argue against with, that I agree with you.
    But then Rio-Vidic. I think Carvalho hasn’t been as good to be honest. Opinion question of course, hard to show hard facts in here. But just looking the beginning of year and the catastrophe that Chelsea defense was without the leadership of Terry and Cech. Carragher perhaps has played better than Rio, but I think in here Rio got the nod because of the partnership he has formed with Vidic.
    Essien simply wasn’t picked to midfield, because he has played more in defense this season. That is definitely to his credit, but pulls him away from this voting. Ryan Giggs also probably got some votes simply, because of his career achievements.
    But then again – should there have been nine players from Man Utd? Berbatov is having great season with struggling Spurs. But has he been better than Rooney? I truly doubt that – Rooney’s involvement in the game is far greater as are his goal and assist stats for this year.

  3. joe says:

    Its the sort of thing you can argue about endlessly but there are a few clearly rubbish choices. Rio Ferdinand would not be named to the team of the season of my left testicle. Van der Sar is highly questionable considering he seems to be at the mercy of anyone who has a go from outside the 18. Stevie G seems to make this team every year on name alone. Essien is FAR more deserving. Carvalho should be included without question, he has kept Chelsea in the hunt and has scored some crucial goals.

  4. Anonymous says:

    without terry carvahlo was playing shit tbh and surely wasn`t better than carragher not to mention rio

  5. Andrew says:

    You have to remember, the team is voted by players, who are a bit dim. Van der sar, Neville, Ferdinand, Evra, and Gerrard should be replaced by James, Finnan, Carvalho, and Essien, respectively. So outrage at the players’ decision means you might as well be angry with a bunch of cats.

  6. james says:

    How can they announce the team of the season with 3 or 4 matches left to play? What if Drogba scores 4 hat tricks in a row, and the Man Untd defense blunders its way into second place?

  7. Austin says:

    It seems shortsighted to me that 10 of the best 11 players have to come from the top three clubs. I don’t want to downplay the achievements of the top three, as the separation between these teams and the rest of the league is vast. At the same time, to assume that there is no world-class talent on any of the rest of teams is asinine. I admit that this is a little bit flawed, but if you look at the top defenders in terms of points earned on the Premier League’s fantasy site, they are Matt Taylor, Jamie Carragher, Joleon Lescott, and Richard Dunne. I, for one, couldn’t argue with the inclusion of any of those players in the XI.

  8. Pete says:

    I think for Rooney to be left out of the final team for Berbatov is slightly disappointing, as Rooneys stats are better by far. Every time United play, each move will almost always involve Rooney- dont get me wrong, berbatov is a class act, but rooneys contribution to this season has been greater.
    As for the 8 united players selected, 4 of them at least have been selected on egos alone. The amount of blunders made by van der sar this season is unacceptable for the team of the season. Gary neville, ferdinand and giggs have also been outperformed by other players this season.
    But as an everton fan, how can gerrard be selected above the mighty arteta?! Egos again!

  9. luap says:

    Hmm. only probelm is that is SHOULD have been this team of all eric cantonas, and denis laws.
    ; D

  10. Conan says:

    Well…for me, im a Man Utd nine outta eleven..IM NOT COMPLAINING!! Haha…but okay..looking at it rationally, I have to agree that Vidic, Scholes, Drogba and Ronaldo are Absolutely unqustionable. They Fully deserve it..absolutely no doubt. Evra, I would say is okay..but hes in the team simply because there IS NO ONE else! So yea, thats fair. Now to the tough part.. NEville is consistent..but hey..finnan did isnt just about consistency here…for this team..u gotta be special. Finnan was special. And about Ferdinand..he was mediocre..but then again..there is no there? Yeah..I would say carragher..but again..taking into account the factors of the partnership with Vidic, this one is a tough choice.
    Looking into the man Utd keeper, he did fantastic. But of course, i’d say Cech did better. But come on, he’s out half the way hes in. Then we have Foster..good try but sorry..he got relegated man. All thats left would be David…he’d put up a good fight..but Van won the thats the edge for him. Then we have Gerrad..sorry man..while Scholes fully deserve his midfield place, Gerrad has been like a mouse this season. Nothing personal..hes a great player..but he just dont fit in the team for this season..Essien would very much do the job..but hes mostly at the back. Maybe Sidwell? Yeah..he did good. They should really include more players outta the top three. And giggs? Okay..hes there for the honours he has..really..and deservedly too.. he did decent. Berbatov would do well on the bench. Hes fantastic but I have to say..Rooney outperformed him. Im shocked Rooney didnt make it..thats one bad decision there..well..thats all.