THE VOTE Are refs scared to award penalties to visiting teams at Old Trafford? Or does Jose Mourinho need big glasses?

Ollie Irish

23rd, April 2007


mourinho.gifNo doubt you had a big chuckle at Jose Mourinho’s rant re: penalties this weekend: ‘It was a penalty at Old Trafford. It was a penalty to us. We are talking about points,’ said the Special One.
‘It is not a conspiracy, it is fact. I speak facts. If not, I need big glasses [see badly Photoshopped pic for artist’s impression]… If you tell me it was not a penalty for Sheffield United, or a penalty for Middlesbrough, or for us against Newcastle. I must go to my optician.’
He also talked, tongue in cheek, about the ‘new football rules’ (whereby Man U never get pens given against them and Chelsea can’t get one to go their way) and how if he’s punished for his remarks it’ll be ‘the end of democracy’ and a return to ‘old times’.
A classic Mourinho tirade but does he have a point or is it just more meaningless grist for the mind-games mill?

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  1. Dom says:

    HA! Try getting a penalty when you’re Blackburn Rovers or Everton.
    Life’s not fair is it, Jose?

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s just at bad at Stamford Bridge as it is at Old Trafford. Pots & Kettles really…

  3. from F365
    Penalties awarded against Yoo at Old Trafford this season: Three.
    Penalties awarded against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge this season: None.
    Penalties awarded for ManYoo this season in the Premiership: Five.
    Penalties awarded for Chelski this season in the Premiership: Four.

  4. joe says:

    The top teams definitely get an edge in the PK department. The thing Jose really could rant about is how many points United have racked up (just against Middlesbrough) as a result of the PLAYER OF THE YEAR taking a dive. Still they had their future in their hands this past weekend and they let it slip away. Nobody but themselves to blame.

  5. Joe says:

    I’m not just talking about penalties. Man U got more penalties this year because Ronaldo wasn’t yet a recognised diver before it, while Drogba and Robben were. I’m pretty sure Chelsea got a lot more pens last year, and they still get a lot of dodgy decisions in their favour.