Gary Neville Asks Noel Gallagher To Sign His Guitar, The Inevitable Duly Follows… (Photo)

Chris Wright

10th, November 2014


By Chris Wright


What you’re about to see is the inevitable result of Gary Neville (a prominent ex-representative of Manchester United) asking Noel Gallagher (musician and noted Manchester City fanatic) to sign his guitar after the pair met to preview the recent Manchester derby for Sky Sports.

To be frank, Red Nev should’ve seen this one coming a mile off…

Noel’s message reads:

Dear Gary,

How many caps have you got for England?

How many do you think you deserved?

I’ll tell you…


Lots of love, Noel Gallagher x


Damn! Looks like a fairly swanky instrument too!

Oh Noel, you cad/bounder.