Champions League semi final review: Manchester United 3-2 AC Milan

Ollie Irish

25th, April 2007


Kaka outclassed Ronaldo in the ‘best player in the world’ showdown but Wayne Rooney saved the day for Man Utd with two second-half goals, including a lovely finish in added time. United now have a slight edge but if they lose 1-0 in the San Siro then the Italians go through, so the tie is very much in the balance (60-40 in favour of United I’d say). Watch the goals below – keep an eye out for Paul Scholes’ beautiful pass for Rooney’s first goal…

Man Utd vs AC Milan Goals
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  1. Tommy says:

    rooney + kaka= class
    That second kaka goal was stunning, he showed he can use his total body and has total control.
    I know everybody on here loves CR and think he’s the best of all time and would probably date him if they had the chance, but i think kaka got the better of him on this night.
    to give cr credit he did get a goal that im sure he meant dida to hit with his shoulder and then tip in. that was the goal of a world player of the year for sure.

  2. Justin says:

    Sarcasm aside, Tommy, Kaka’s first goal was on the weak side – probably as much as Ronaldo’s.
    His second goal was a masterpiece, as was Rooney’s second strike.
    To try and settle the “World’s Best Player” debate based on one game is fruitless. There’s another leg left to determine the club that will go to Athens.
    Kaka’s unquestionably a world-class player. He singlehandedly took over a portion of last night’s tie. With that said, his team is lingering in 4th place in Serie A.
    Ronaldo’s form this season is the biggest reason that Man Utd is still alive for all three major trophies. Take him off the pitch and United may be struggling to qualify for the Champions League next year.
    Ronaldo is also several years younger than Kaka, so it’s fair to think that Ronaldo will continue to improve on his current form.
    Both players have their greatness and to claim that one match demonstrates the superior player is just lunacy.

  3. Tommy says:

    excellent points on all fronts Justin. to be quite honest i dont think either player is the best in the world.
    i also think it is unfair to base a players worth on how his club is doing. man u is by far a more complete team than milan is. i think if ronaldo wasnt there another player from the long list in manchester would have taken up the slack. i dont think they would have been doing as well but i do think they would be doing well.
    the milan side is a weak one i think that has been plagued with the point deduction and some injuries. look at how the game changed last night after gatusso came out. they have a very talented first team but then things drop off after that. that is why i think man u will always beat them.
    To sum up my ramblings i want to say this. i think ronaldo is the best in the world at skill type moves. he has incredile touch and pace and is really fun to watch and is great at tap ins and pk’s (had to add in that dig!). Kaka is no where close to cr at these things. he is very special when it comes to controling the ball with his total body and striking the ball. it seems like everyone of his goals is a master strike. he turns wasted possesions into goals sometimes.
    this is hard for me. i dont think either one is the best in the world and i would never judge the worlds best on one game. all i wanted to say is that people discount kaka and i think he got the better of cr on this one night. both are world class players without a doubt.
    Please dont think that i think that cr is worthless. he of course is class, i just had to take up for kaka. people act like that cr is far and wide better than kaka and i just dont believe that. so i will finish up by saying that both are the best at the world at their strong points and have work to do on thier weaknesses. While both players are so vital to their teams, there are other players that are more vital to their team’s success. by that i mean there are other players on some other major european teams that are more vital to sucess of their teams.
    any guesses on who im talking about?

  4. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    Without Kaka and Pirlo, Milan are a very ordinary side. Without Ronaldo and Rooney you can say the same about Man U.

  5. Tommy says:

    ollie you may be and probably are right. it just seems to me that man u’s role players are better than milan’s.
    picking up R9 has really seemed to energize them (7 goals and 4 assists in 12 games), but i think he would do that anywhere. also, milan have been hurt with old man Maldini and Nesta not playing that much this year. But it doesnt matter really. i love football and i love seeing it being played well, so to me i guess i dont care who gets the awards. i know who i like and why and i guess thats enough for me.
    on a side note heres an interesting article:
    Im not sure i agree with all of it but take a look.

  6. david says:

    chritiano ronaldo is the most selfish players iveeverseen.there’s no way he’ll measureup to kaka..kaka is way better than him