Predict the Champions League final…

Ollie Irish

26th, April 2007


73963451.jpgWith one leg down, we have two beautifully poised Champions League semi finals. Man Utd have the slight edge against Milan, in as much as they’re leading the tie, but Milan have two precious away goals and so a 1-0 win at the San Siro is all they need – Milan will keep things tight in the first half and hope to grab a goal in the second, I imagine. Thing is, I can’t see Man U not scoring in Milan, so the Italians would need to score at least two goals to succeed.
Verdict: AC Milan 2-2 Man Utd (Man Utd go through)
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73978905%282%29.jpgI call Chelsea to go through in the other tie. Liverpool really needed an away goal on Wednesday and although ‘Pool fans will take hope from their team’s 2-0 home win against Chelsea in the league, I think Mourinho’s men will grab a crucial goal at Anfield. Liverpool would then have to score at least three goals to progress and that’s a massive ask against Cech, Terry, Carvalho and co.
Verdict: Liverpool 2-1 Chelsea (Chelsea go through)
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  1. Ahmed Bilal says:

    No offense, but isn’t that the obvious conclusion? :)
    I would be very surprised if Chelsea don’t score at Anfield and if United don’t score at Milan. That leaves Milan needing to score 2 and Liverpool needing to score 3.
    Pool can’t do it. Milan can.
    Chelsea are a surer shot for the final now, even if Chelsea are tiring. The big thing for United will be the return of Neville and Saha, and possibly Rio.
    If that happens, your 2-2 might be the real result.
    I’m still rooting for Pool though, even though Chelsea have been awesome this season. If United fans everywhere were given a choice for final opponents, it would be Liverpool first, Chelsea second.
    Of course, Liverpool would rather face Milan, which tells you everything :)

  2. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    It is the obvious conclusion Ahmed, but Pies isn’t one to go against the flow just for the sake of being different. I called it how I – and most people – would see it. The teams with the lead can now dictate terms in the second leg.
    And I disagree that Liverpool would rather face Milan – revenge and all that.
    Cheers for your comment,

  3. OmegaSupremeho says:

    I’d give Milan the edge. That united defence is so fragile with Brown and O’Shea losing their men so often and even the big dutch stopper’s going a bit loopy. Plus no Evra, who they going to play, Fletcher at right back ? Should be tastey, I just hope the Policia chill a bit this time.

  4. Brian says:

    I like Milan 2-1 at home to advance and Chelsea 1-0 at Anfield to go through. Liverpool will need a miracle to get the result they need at home and from the looks of it, Gerrard is out of them… for now.
    Milan win the final though.

  5. Kevin Fylan says:

    Sure Liverpool think that with the crowd on their side they can do it this time, but I wouldn’t be so sure. This tie reminds of the Benfica game last season. I’d be very surprised if Liverpool turn it round.

  6. ur stupid says:

    ur not good predictor. stop it xD

  7. pete says:

    we are well gonna win agaist milan 2-0 to us!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. pete says:

    liv r the best and we will beat chelsea next seson 3-0 easy