‘I Was A Footballer, So I Know How To Behave On Pitch’ – Chelsea Boss Antonio Conte Hits Back At Jose Mourinho Over Post-Match Moan

Alan Duffy

24th, October 2016


Antonio Conte has hit back at Jose Mourinho after the Manchester United manager’s post-match moan following the Red Devils’ capitulation at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.

At the final whistle of a game which saw Chelsea batter United 4-0, Mourinho had a word in Conte’s ear, apparently criticising him for trying to get the home fans more animated in the final minutes of the match.

At the end of what was a humiliating 90 minutes for Mourinho, the Portuguese coach told Conte (in Italian) “It’s just my opinion, but don’t do that at 4-0. You can at 1-0, but at 4-0 it’s humiliation.”

However, speaking about the incident to the Italian media, Conte defended his behaviour and even had a little dig at Mourinho’s lack of experience as a professional footballer.

The Italian said:

I was a football player, so I know how to behave on the pitch.

There were United fans who kept singing, while ours were in silence after a great performance from my team. I wanted to call the crowd to applaud the players, which seems normal enough to me.

I have great respect for everyone. Nothing happened with Jose, especially as my behaviour seemed normal. I didn’t make fun of or humiliate anyone, as I always demand respect.

Which all seems fair enough.

Then again, with the pressure on, we all expect a bitchy (and rather hypocritical) whinge or two from Mourinho, a man who did this…

While Mourinho’s antics may have been entertaining many years ago, it now all seems rather desperate and quite tiresome.

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  1. FTWPhil says:

    So call me when goal difference doesn’t count for position in the table.

    Good riddance to the smug, and pretentious Jose. I’m so glad he suffered his worst defeat in the EPL on the alter of Stamford Bridge. Man U should have showed up for more than 5 minutes of the game.

    Even if they would have shown Luiz the red Chelsea would like they were up two players.

  2. Cosa says:

    Memo to all attempted English speakers – stop saying ‘would have’ and use the correct single word ‘had’

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