Reports: Eric Dier Confides In Daily Express That He Wants To Leave Tottenham And Join Man Utd In £50m Whirlwind

Chris Wright

12th, July 2017


According to the morning tittle-tattle, Eric Dier has rocked the very foundations of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club by informing them he would like to join Manchester United before the start of the season.

The story appears in the Guardian, who posit that United have been making come-hither eyes at Dier all summer despite having been told by Spurs chairman Daniel Levy that the midfielder is categorically not for sale.

Dier is “open to the prospect” of joining the club he supported as a boy, while the Express add that he’s told close friends (the true arbiter of any football transfer) that he’s desperate to work with Jose Mourinho.

The 23-year-old has apparently become Mourinho’s “No.1 midfield target” after United’s snatch-and-grab capture of Romelu Lukaku from underneath Chelsea’s noses all but ended their chances of being able to sign Nemanja Matic from the Blues.

Levy may face a dilemma when United’s offer is broken down. They are considering making a second offer of £50million for [Dier] and would more than double his £70,000 weekly wage, taking it beyond Tottenham’s £100,000 ceiling.

Mourinho sees Dier has a solid long-term replacement for Michael Carrick, who was made United club captain yesterday as he heads into what may well be his final season at Old Trafford.

United certainly seem eager to push this one through, but is Dier really a £50/60million player? The current market is bonkers, but even that seems a little rich for a fairly mundane central midfield utility man.

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  1. Ray says:

    I wonder what the clowns at the daily star, guardian, express etc and associated blogs will write when Dier finally is allowed to respond to this latest speculation. It’s always the same isn’t it. A player confiding to friends that he wants to leave one club to join another and somehow it gets into the arse end of the press. Can’t wait for Dier to respond and he will.

  2. matt says:

    Hahaha … Eric Dier confides to the Daily Express my arse! The real story is as follows. Some low-life, Man U supporting hack, at the Daily Express, concocts a totally fabricated story out of thin air, deliberately misrepresenting a 7 year old Eric Dier quote, whilst Dier is holidaying with his best buddy Dele Alli and their respective partners in Greece, prior to reporting back to Spurs for pre-season training. The bottom line is, there is no truth whatsoever to this piece of tabloid tittle tattle, which is a total figment of the imagination of the shit-stirring, Old Trafford stooge, who fabricated it in the first place.

  3. Pete says:

    Absolute rubbish!
    Fake news is rife about Spurs players lately. More gutter press reporting on rumours and making them into facts.

  4. larryB says:

    the mail lies about everything else, why not this

  5. Bruno says:

    And who exactly would Dier replace at Man United? Pogba? Herrera? Carrick? Come on, he’s not that good.

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