Reports: Man Utd To Hand Out Song Sheets And Use ‘Bundesliga-Style Cheerleaders’ To Help Improve Stagnant Atmosphere At Old Trafford

Chris Wright

21st, March 2018


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Manchester United are reportedly mulling over circulating song lyric sheets among fans at Old Trafford in a desperate bid to wake the enervated stadium from its slumber.

Without a hint of irony, Jose Mourinho has complained several times in recent months about the effect a “quiet stadium” has had on his team.

As such, according to The Times, United have drafted up a couple of proposals to rouse the crowd:

Proposals include printing out song sheets containing the club’s most popular chants and distributing them to supporters as they enter the ground.

Another option is to print lyrics in the match-day programme, or to post them on the club’s website so that fans who attend fewer games know the words before they get to the stadium.

The BBC add that United fan groups are exploring the possibility of allowing “Bundesliga-style cheerleaders” to rally the masses though you’d think the last thing anybody needs is 500 Mancunians with a megaphone to fight over.

Taking the handbrake off a team chock-full of exciting attacking and creative talent might also be an option worth exploring.

For the record, Ian Stirling, vice-chairman of the United Supporters Trust, didn’t appear to give much credence to The Times’ speculation…

Not that we’ve got anything against lyric sheets being passed around, but it all seems like a lot of effort to go to when the most popular chant at United for the past couple of months only has one word anyway.

Attack, attack, ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK (repeat ad infinitum)

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  1. Garnix says:

    How about lowering the prices and maybe opening a “safe standing area”? Top down imposed changes won’t work, in Germany, Italy and elsewhere a guy with a megaphone can coordinate and incite the atmosphere, but only because it was an idea of the fans themselves. Handing out song sheets to tourists and guys well over 50, while many (especially young) people can’t afford going to Old Trafford regularly, is just pathetic and shows furthermore how disconnected the Club is from his former fanbase

  2. ViuexSang says:

    Never a cheerleader for anything near the Irish sea, (except that 500 year old gentleman in fur, Roy Keane), I feel compelled to state the obvious. Mourinho has the look of a kid who is about to take his ball home, thinking to hell with all of you. If I were in your camp, I’d keep him around, but he can be as unpredictable as a belly full of chili…will I be left here to bathe in the majesty of a pot well done, or will it be a dash for the exits? The man is as moody as they get, which is exactly why I loathe AND admire him.

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