‘As Mediocre As His Haircut’ – Gazzetta Dello Sport Go For Jugular With Man Utd Player Ratings After Drab Performance Against Juventus

Chris Wright

24th, October 2018


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The scores are in and, in reference to Manchester United’s pallid performance against Juventus in the Champions League, the continental press have not been kind.

The most brutal ratings were published by Gazzetta dello Sport in the clear, clinical light of the morning after, with the Italian newspaper really going for the jugular in their less-than-complimentary assessment of United’s players.

Romelu Lukaku bore the brunt, with his 4/10 rating the lowest of anybody on the pitch.

(He is) a symbol of the torments of the United season: when the striker does not score, it becomes hard for everyone.

At this moment the Belgian is almost a deadweight, lost and confused in opposing defences, but Mourinho has no alternative.

Anthony Martial (5.5/10)

Another step backwards.

Marcus Rashford (4.5)

Never really dangerous. Half a disaster.

Luke Shaw (5)

Targeted as the weak link. Dazed. Stunned.

Chris Smalling (5)

His performance was as mediocre as his haircut.

David De Gea (lauded as United’s best player by a distance)

Like a flower amongst the rubble.

Ouch – though that De Gea line is a beauty, if a merest tad over-dramatic.

En France, L’Equipe were similarly unimpressed, with De Gea and Paul Pogba the only United players to score anything above a bang-average 5/10 rating, while both Lukaku and Rashford found themselves on the receiving end of a dreary 3/10.

And if you think that’s unkind, then wait until you hear that MARCA refused to give any marks at all to Lukaku, Rashford, Smalling and Nemanja Matic. Zero.

Of course, all numerical ratings are to be taken with a pinch of salt, but viewed collectively, you begin to get a fairly good gist of how the non-Premier League-centric press look upon United at the moment.

Turns out it’s exactly the same as our lot.

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  1. Bruno says:

    The team is weak, De Gea is the only world class player we have. Sanchez was world class a few years ago, Pogba and Martial can be one day but the rest are just a mix of average and good players. There’s not one bad player in there but there’s also only one completely great player.

  2. Comfy Chair says:

    Or, maybe Juve are a superior team (they are).

    Accept the fact that there is more to football than just that which comes from the Wretched Island.

    Deal with it.

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