Gary Neville moving to Papua New Guinea to avoid Liverpool celebrations

Ollie Irish

26th, June 2020

You have to admire Sky’s commitment to this high-concept banter, especially that of Neville’s broadcasting nemesis Jamie Carragher. Carra is blatantly starting to think that he could be the new Vinnie Jones.

On the This Is Great Banter scale, I’d give this a ‘Decent Banter’ rating (scale goes from ‘It Was Only Banter’ up to ‘This Is Great Banter’). It’s too self-indulgent and smug to get the top mark, but it did raise a smile, because we all know how much G-Nev despises Liverpool.

By the way, the amount of grim-faced fans replying to this tweet with stuff along the lines of “Liverpool win the league and you talk about Man Utd”, or “I’m sure Neville is fine sat at home with his eight league-winners’ medals” just shows how pathetic the level of football discourse on social media is. There aren’t enough shoulders for all of the chips on Twitter.

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