Marcus Rashford is my kind of superhero

Ollie Irish

24th, October 2020

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On Marcus Rashford’s Twitter timeline right now, something extraordinary is happening. With the Tories turning their back on his campaign to provide free meals for children this half-term (reminder: never, ever vote Tory, because Tories are lower than maggots), many local businesses and councils around the country are stepping up to help, and Rashford is sharing each of their messages. For example:

There are loads of these. Someone’s even made an interactive Google Map of the tweets. Football clubs are doing their bit too, remembering their role in the community at this crucial time. Leeds United fans have raised more than £40,000 since Monday, donating their £14.95 to local food banks instead of the Premier League’s scandalously overpriced pay-per-view plan. A wonderful effort, and Leeds are not the only ones.

It’s incredible to see, in real time, the difference that Rashford is making. There are no adequate words of praise that do justice to his qualities as a human being, just as there is no depth to which the government won’t sink as they try to squirm out of this. Well, squirming won’t help. Rashford has made mugs of you all. He’s Messi in full flow and fat-arsed Boris Johnson is Jerome Boateng.

P.S. To all of the moronic Man Utd fans who see his work somehow as a conflict of interest with his day job (check Twitter: incredibly, there are plenty of childish United fans who think his campaign is getting in the way of his football) – please shut the f**k up, you’re embarrassing yourselves.

Feed the bairns you Tory rats

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1 Comment

  1. bojack says:

    i fucking love when a public comentator takes a stand and openly critisize shitty behaviour worldwide cos fuckers deserved to be at least critisized for all the shit they’re doing.
    fuck torries and all the selfish and narrow-minded conservative wankers.

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