Kai Rooney signs for Manchester United aged 11

Ollie Irish

17th, December 2020


Want to feel old? Wayne Rooney’s son Kai, 11, has just signed for Man Utd. Yikes!

I would have guessed Kai’s age at six or seven but somehow more than a decade has passed since his birth. I’ve not been paying attention, clearly.

Wazza posted this pic on his Twitter, with the caption: “Proud day… keep up the hard work son.”

Seems like he might have some of the old man’s magic in his boots:

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  1. RJ says:

    No pressure, lad.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Phil Neville’s kid. Robbie Savage’s kid. Rooney’s kid. It’s a mystery why kids of footballing fathers get a free pass into academies. If only I could put my finger on the reason why…..

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