THE VOTE Is Kieran Richardson a good signing for Sunderland?


17th, July 2007


66090.jpgEven the most ardent of Richardson supporters could never argue that he was an integral part of Man Utd’s squad. Alex Ferguson seemed to rate him more highly than the rest of us – whenever I saw him play for United he ran around like a headless chicken, giving the ball away for fun and generally looking not fit to wear the famous red shirt. In fact, if asked ‘Which player would you get rid of this summer?’ I’d imagine that a majority of Utd fans would name Richardson as their first choice.

In which case, they’ll be happy to know that Sunderland have signed Richardson on a four-year deal for around £5.5m. Mackems’ boss Roy Keane said: ‘I’m delighted we’ve been able to bring Kieran to Sunderland… Having worked with him in the past I’m well aware of what a good player and a good lad he is.’
A good lad. Really, Roy? From what I can see, he has a serious attitude problem – witness his pathetic stomp down the tunnel after being substituted by Stuart Pearce for England at the U-21 Euro Championships recently. He’s quick and occasionally elusive, but that’s about it. However, if anyone can teach him to knuckle down and make the most of his talent, I’d take Keano. You wouldn’t storm down the tunnel if Keane was your boss, would you?

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  1. Col says:

    Sky Sports News reckoned his pass completion was 71% (i think, in the seventies anyways) that makes me think he had about 20 passes all season or something? I cannot recall anthing amazing he’s ever done. I think he’s under 21 status was because he was in the united squad and i’ve been impressed.

  2. Greg says:

    As a Man United player Kieran is nowhere near those standards, but for a lower half of the league club he’ll be a vital signing for them. As a West Brom fan I appreciate what he did for us at the end of the 2004/05 season when Kieran was a vital part of our squad which managed to avoid the drop (just!). So yeah he was shit at United but he’ll be guaranteed to be a first team player at Sunderland and if’s he’s no good there he’ll have Keano to answer too!!

  3. Phantom-Pain says:

    Not a bad player, but not a Manchester United level player. Keano could have done a lot worse for a lot more money, Craig Bellamy anybody? I think Richardson will add a bit of pace to the Cat’s set up. Also he can play as a left back if he is needed to.

  4. Chringle says:

    “You wouldn’t storm down the tunnel if Keane was your boss, would you?”
    To be honest, I wouldn’t storm down the tunnel if Stuart Pearce was my manager either.
    If he was half as good as he thinks he is then maybe he could fit in at Man Utd, but he isn’t so he can fuck off.

  5. mof gimmers says:

    Wasn’t this little shit subject to Keano’s famous tongue lashing of his team-mates?
    Something about a Bentley Continental I believe.
    Anyway, I think he’ll do fuck-all for Sunderland.