News Balls – starring a restless Charles N’Zogbia, Sepp Blatter and some crazy Koreans

Ollie Irish

6th, February 2008

Some of the most interesting football stories doing the rounds today:
1. Korean players are deliberately dislocating their own shoulders to avoid national service. Ouch. The Offside
2. Sepp Blatter wants a vote on quotas for home-grown players to take place in May. Under Blatter’s proposal, club sides would be forced to field a minimum of six players eligible for the national team of the country in which they play. That’s Arsenal screwed then. Independent

3. Man Utd remove banner taunting Man City ahead of Munich commemoration. Bit late for that, no? Guardian
4. Why is Frank Lampard house hunting in Barcelona? Er, because he wants to buy a house in Barcelona, perhaps? Chelsea Pies
5. Charles N’Zogbia, Newcastle’s most valuable player, fancies a move to Spurs. F365