In Pictures: Man Utd 1-0 Bursaspor – Nani Wonder Goal FTW

Ollie Irish

21st, October 2010


By Ollie Irish

A forgettable match was lit up by Nani’s superb winner (and the sight of a few anti-Rooney banners in the stands). Watch Nani’s goal, plus some of his other good work, in this highlights video:

Incidentally, Alex Ferguson is currently meeting with United chief exec. David Gill to discuss how to handle the Rooney issue.

And a gallery from Old Trafford:

Photos: PA

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  1. deckard says:

    another dreadful midweek euro night for man utd against another of them loser clubs we’ll never see in the cl again. if it were up to saf and no the public opinion of what’s respectful and what isn’t, i’m sure he’d put out a b or even a c team for these matches no one’s waiting for.

  2. frank says:

    Have some respect deckard, bursaspor became only the second club outside the ‘big three’ to win the turkish leauge and have every right to play in the CL and to have a crack at one of the ‘biggest teams’ in Europe, and united only just won with a near first team…I hope they show you up in turkey arrogant tit.

  3. truedoo says:

    haha shit…nice one nani…and you guys need to lighten up…Champs League showcases off teams in form and winning their respective leagues…not dynasty “champions” hence no loserpool

  4. Mark Hoppus says:

    have some respect all of u .
    l’pool arent in champs league but still show respect 4 all clubs but MANURE

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