Cristiano Ronaldo breaks a pensioners wrist

Ollie Irish

16th, April 2008

pensioner cristiano ronaldo.jpgWe might have guessed he wasn’t quite the reformed character we had been led to believe. The Manchester United star broke the wrist of pensioner Fred Harrison during the recent Middlesbrough-Man Yoo game. C-Ron fired a wayward shot (apparently he does occasionally miss the target) into Middlesbrough fans, and 68-year-old Fred ended up with a broken wrist after putting his arms up to protect his face.
(Right) said Fred: “As soon as it left Ronaldo’s foot, I could see where it was going. I had my glasses on, so I automatically put my hands up. It was a great save which probably Mark Schwarzer couldn’t even match but it was hit so hard it broke my wrist.” Why, that no good bully! Check out Fred’s cast – not much room to sign that.

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