What planet is Carlos Tevez on?

Ollie Irish

22nd, June 2009


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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again here: Carlos Tevez is not world-class. He’s a very good footballer who is more than good enough to cut it at the highest level, but he is not world-class. He is not as good as Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. He is not even as good as Wayne Rooney. Tevez is a rich man’s Dirk Kuyt. That’s exactly the Argentine’s level. And that’s how Fergie used him last season, to good effect.
But Tevez is deluded. It appears he thinks he’s a lot better than he is.

If last week’s reports that Tevez wanted to be United’s best-paid player (translation: Kia Joorabchian, Carlito’s repulsive puppet master/pimp, wanted his charge to be United’s best-paid player) were anything like true, then there’s only one thing for Fergie to do: ditch Tevez immediately. United will be much better off without the Argentine – Tevez has already sulked enough to show me that he lacks the character to ever become a United great. Fergie has no time for sulking ingrates and we won’t see Tevez in a United shirt again.
The papers say that Tevez agreed to join Man City a couple of weeks ago. Good riddance, say United fans, but you just know Tevez will score in the Manc derby next season.
Btw, United fans have been burned by Argentine players before, in the form of Juan Veron and Gabriel Heinze. And Tevez the Traitor (as many United fans will forever refer to him) makes it three.

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  1. Sam says:

    If Tev is not world-class, then Rooney is no way near world-class as well. Tevez’s reputation speaks for himself i.e. he is indeed world-class, just that some people are blind they never see it. But Rooney… prove to me how world-class is Rooney since I can’t see it anyway that Rooney is world-class. Can he dribble past 2 or 3 defenders like Tev? No. Can he emulate Tev’s reputation of winning glory with all 4 club i.e. Boca Juniors, Corinthian, West Ham, Man Utd? No way can Rooney do that. Could he help West Ham to fight the relegation if he were in Tev’s situation? Not really, Rooney could end up like another Owen who couldn’t help Newscastle. So then, what on earth did you think Rooney is world-class but Tevez is not? Are you “English-biased” or “Anti-Argie”?
    Many fans forever label him a traitor? That is just your wishful thinking. Can you think of anything objective to write? I think you should see a doctor to have a check on you biased brain.

  2. RobtheRed says:

    Shouldn’t it be “What planet is Carlos Tevez from?”

  3. mitch1jones@aolcom says:

    tevez may well be a rich mans dirk kuyt,just as carrick is an very poor mans xabi alonso

  4. Dave says:

    Winning glory with West Ham? How does illegally signing for a club, and unfairly helping to save them from relegation (actually, it was a David Undsworth pen that finally did the damage) constitute glory? Odd comments.
    I agree with this article, and I have even been using the rich man’s Dirk Kuyt analogy for a while to people who go on about how great he is. He could go on to improve with more first team football, but doesn’t score enough goals, especially considering the team he plays for….

  5. Nick says:

    “Fergie has no time for sulking ingrates and we won’t see Tevez in a United shirt again.”
    Yeah right…which is why he begged Ronaldo to stay last year, and United offered Tevez a five-year contract to stay which he turned down.

  6. Sam says:

    With all the rants from Tevez, why Man Utd and Fergie still TOLERATE him till the very end? If you look carefully, in history, Fergie never tolerate that kind of rant. But how come Fergie still called him up to persuade him to stay? Don’t you think it is VERY STRANGE? I have never seen Fergie behaved like that, that is UNUSUAL.
    One possibility I can think of is that, Fergie indeed is one of the “guilty party” in this Tevez saga i.e. it is true that indeed Man Utd and Fergie treated Tev unfairly. That is why they unusually tolerate him, not because he is fans’ favorite, simply because what Tev has been talking all this time, is TRUE. Fergie tried to amend the relationship but failed eventually, leading to Tev leaving. And you dare to call him traitor? If you don’t feel like calling you beloved club and manager the one who betrayed Tev, I suggest you just to be fair to Tev.
    About the “bad treatment”, most people don’t understand it simply because it happened behind the scene. Bad treatment here indicate, Fergie somehow possibly and DELIBERATELY lowered Tev’s eventual signing value by lowering his performance thru sitting him mostly on the bench, only playing him mostly in small games etc. If not because of Rooney injured, Tevez may not even play 7 games in a row one time (He played and he won them all for Utd.). He was the most key players in 2007/2008 Double Glory season after Ronaldo, yet suddenly dropped so significantly in 2008/2009 with no good reason at all. Those who sense that there was something not right here eventually knows what happened after Tev declared he was leaving. Fergie indeed treated him unfairly, simply because Fergie could have wanted to lower his value. That was quite silly and it backfired and eventually, Man Utd lost Tevez. Very unwise.

  7. Sam says:

    I talked about his talent here comparing that of “Another Dirk Kurt” Rooney. I never even bother about illegal play or not, that is completely another story.

  8. Ollie says:

    @ Nick. I’d say Fergie has mellowed, but he hates sulkers and showboaters. It’s just that Ronaldo is the exception to his rule – a guy with so much talent that Ferguson was willing to overlook his extracurricular behaviour. And I think the way Fergie used Tevez in 08/09 says everything you need to know about how he rates him.

  9. roxy says:

    He’s not as good as dirk kuyt!!!!!

  10. Alan says:

    Ollie, Fergie played Ronaldo so regularly despite I sense that he knows Ronaldo is leaving, perhaps just to push up his value i.e. Ronaldo performed well consistently lead to higher selling price.
    In contrast, and just the opposite, Fergie tried to keep Tevez with a “cheap price” by not using him consistently, so that to have something to negotiate a lower price.
    It is simple. Let Ronaldo played regularly, selling price could be higher. Don’t let Tevez played regularly, buying price could be lower. Cunning huh?
    If Fergie rates Tevez low, he wouldn’t have keep him with a 5-year (that is a lot) contract with the highest pay. He will just get rid of him directly, save the persuasion as well

  11. OmegaSupreme says:

    On my will this god forsaken “Carlos Tevez affair” ever end. Please someone in Spain or Italy sign him up and move him to a place out of the reach of Geoff Shreeves !
    The Argentine front man is making a mistake but the writing was on the wall following his “very difficult” comments at the end of last season.
    While I hate the red-shite scum a “rich man’s Dirk Kuyt” would be a very good thing to have and well worth the money he was after.

  12. Ollie says:

    Alan, do you think Fergie would really risk compromising United’s season just to manage the value of two players. Fergie puts the team above all. Interesting suggestion though.

  13. boris says:

    tevez? what a tart! i’d love to know what scholes and giggs think of this summer’s developments. with ronaldo and tevez both gone they must be hoping that its an end of preening show ponies. i think a rich man’s dirk kuyt goes to far, we should be so lucky: this whole debacle only goes to show if tevez had a gram of kuyt’s character he might have got a game. how much do we have in the bank? we should put a bid in! oh wait, he would never come… damn him for his convictions and loyalty… still at least we still have john o’shea :P

  14. Daniel says:

    What constitutes world class?
    tracking all the way back to defence to win a ball back? putting in consistent performance after another? doing the hard graft while players like ronaldo get all the plaudits?
    clearly not as you need to be selfish, arrogant, borderline cheat, big shirt seller, fancy tricks (regardless of wether they pull off) and tabloid journal regular to be deemed world class or so one might think.
    to say Tevez isnt on par with Rooney is farcical. Man united will be a much MUCH poorer team without tevez. his absence will show uniteds real weakness. not ronaldos departure but tevez.
    world class for me should constitute the world wide influence that a player posesses. While kids will grow up thinking ronaldo’s style is the way forward it saddens me that they wont adopt Carlos Tevez’ and Dirk Kuyt’s approach to the game.

  15. Ollie says:

    Daniel, I think the majority of football watchers believe Tevez is not quite on the same level as Rooney. And calling Tevez a rich man’s Kuyt is actually very high praise. Kuyt is one of my favourite players – I wish more players had his character.

  16. Fed up with Agents says:

    I think Tevez is class and will be a loss to Utd, however I am confused by his agents comments. He states tevez will not go to Liverpool because of their close rivalry but is willing to negotiate with City, are City not rivals. Is this not like Campbell Spurs to Arsenal or Gerrard Liverpool to Everton?? I think the parties he is willing to negotiate with shows this move is driven by money and not a wish for success. Why else would he consider City who will do nothing next year!!!

  17. Paul says:

    The more I read about Tevez the more I grow to Dislike the guy.
    Surely even HE cannot expect Man City to be challenging for Champions League football next season? There is only one motivation for him, money.
    Whether he stayed and demanded to be Man Utd’s top Earner, or moves on to Man City to become one of the League’s top earners, one thing is for sure… He’ll go from Hero to Zero quicker than Drogba hits the deck when air hits him.
    He gained many fans for his “Kuyt” like efforts, but now everyone will see that Kuyt is indeed like no other, Tevez is just a money driven rat, Kuyt is a true footballer.

  18. Lee says:

    Tevez is by far and away a better footballer than Dirk Kuyt. They both work their socks, which is where Kuyt gets the most praise, but in terms of actual ability then there is no comparison.
    As for Rooney – he is very overrated but still a great player all the same. Probably a tad better than Tevez – and world’s apart from Kuyt.
    However, by going to Man City it’s blatantly obvious Tevez is only in it for the money. Why else?!

  19. Khan says:

    Wot a twat!

  20. Ray says:

    IMO he has left because SAF’s and David Gill’s dodgy ‘negotiation techniques’ with Jaroobchian and the MSI investment group of trying to publicly lower his price by saying he wasn’t worth 25MIL and not playing him with regular starting football after he could prove his worth as they knew that way he couldn’t get in to his flow.
    They both also started moaning about how difficult it is to deal with an agency/agent instead of a football club, but it’s not. It was obvious that SAF and David GIll were irritated Jaroobchian for some reason, probably because he is so clever; but he is only a succesful business man who operates within the law, despite all the press hoorah in the press about him being a ‘dodgy evil foreigner agent’. You still have to pay money at the end of the day, the only difference is the money doesn’t go to a club, what’s the big deal? – and they used the press to try and make him tear up his contract with MSI under European laws, which didn’t go down well as he has a very good relationship with Jaroobchian – very foolish by David Gill and SAF to try and put the pressure on Tevez this way – what a complete lack of judgement, but professional negotiation always carries an element of risk if you try to be too clever.
    Lastly, Tevez has been desperate to have a permanent contract for ages. People have a short memory but consistantly over the last two years he has made many a press release expressing his desires to remain at United until the end of his career, with numerous comments about how much he loved manchester, the club and the fans from the moment he arrived – it seemed the only way to communicate directly with Ferguson after all. SAF used the transfer market as an incentive for him to play well, thinking that if he made it clear that he won the next Champions League, only there and then he ‘may’ have a contract. This didn’t provide an a good atmosphere for Tevez who wanted contract confirmation within a year to assure stability and a secured future for him and his family.
    David Gill and SAF forgot he’s a human being that has been through a rough time in Fuerte Apache Argentina, death threats before leaving Brazil, is a family man that has pride, and doesn’t appreciate being messed around – like most people wouldn’t. The greedy ones that only care only about the money are SAF and David Gill – now their wily negotiation techniques have blown up in their faces and it’s hilarious.
    The editors at The Sun who recently ran the note ‘Greedy Carlos’ probably know the score about what happened at Man U between David Gill and Jaroobchian, but it makes an easier more effective headline to put ‘Greedy Argy’ after making him a hero beforehand – it is more appealing story to the average Sun reader than the truth apparently.
    … I would have liked to see Rooney or other supposedly ‘word class players above Tevez’ win the Argentine championship, then the Libertadores with Boca, then go to Brazil (as an Argentine) and become the player of the year, win Olympic gold then go to West Ham and roll his sleeves up to single handedly save them from relegation, then go to Man U and score many an important goal to win the Champions League.

  21. jeneria says:

    Someone already said this but I have to wonder how Tevez going to Man City is honoring and respecting the fans at Man U? I get not going to Liverpool, but if I understand correctly Man City/Man U is indeed a lot like Liverpool/Everton.
    I get the comparisons to Kuyt, I do. But as a Liverpool fan, I think it cheapens Kuyt to be put in the same category as the cancerous Tevez who leaves nothing but ill feeling and money issues in his wake. Plus he bitches constantly, from the moment he gets to a club he’s complaining about how he’s not treated right. Perhaps more money will alleviate his persecution complex. Then again, so might an anti-psychotic.

  22. Steve says:

    Tevez is world class and is going to a club who will be challenging in the next 2 seasons. All the comments degrading him here are from bitter Manure fans who cannot accept that their close neighbours have started challenging them in the transfer market and they just dont like it. 2/3 weeks ago Tevez was a God at Trafford. Get used to lads

  23. Gary nevilles tash says:

    i think some of you are missing the point here, Tevez felt unapprieciated and so is leaving. city may be paying crazy money for players but with a possible front line of Robinho, RSC and Tevez and could still bring in the likes of lescott i can see them pushing the top 4 and no sir i don’t like it

  24. I think fans of all of the other teams in the premier league would welcome Tevez with open arms.
    I’d love him at Villa!

  25. kathmcp says:

    Good stuff. I just don’t understand all the hype about Tevez. So over-rated (as much by himself as anyone else) and has clearly been taking lessons in petulance from C-Ron. Even if he’s pissed off at not being offered a contract sooner, he’s got no reason to behave like a high maintenance 16 year old girl.

  26. Martin says:

    I think he is a very good player, potentially world-class… I remeber him before ManU and he didn’t ran that much… so I think he changed a bit he’s football, working more, but wasting energy needed with the ball.
    I’m getting exited with the chance of Tevez joining Barça, if Ribery isn’t possible, is my second option for sure. He would look much better playing in the best team in the world. Tevez/Henry- Eto’o- Messi.
    game over.

  27. Oozycargg says:

    Carlitos Tevez is very much a world class player. This article is indeed very english/Man U. biased just like Tommy Smith the ESPN commentator is with Man U. Carlos Tevez is a much better player than Rooney head to head, any day.

  28. Joe says:

    Tevez has the talent to turn the defenders upside down (or left side right, right side left) when he is in “good mood”. Dirk Kuyt or even the “Shrek” Rooney doesn’t have the talent to do that.
    Unfortunately, he wasn’t in good mood last season, except the FA Cup game against Fullham. Perhaps because that game Ronaldo wasn’t playing and he got to play alongside Rooney. That gave him some “sense of importance”. Make him feel important, he will surely give you the best.
    Man Utd should have given him peace of mind (good mood) to sign him up quickly so as to let him unleash his best play. Unfortunately, it never happens now with Man Utd, very likely happens with his new club. This lad called Carlitos is already admired and idolized as a legend in South America especially Argentina, even more so than the young Messi, simply because he is so far the only one Argentina footballer who has had success in both Brazil (a rival) and England (somewhat a rival). And he gained respect from these fans too. If a player like this is not World-Class, I don’t know who else can be called World-Class. Man Utd have no idea what they have missed.

  29. News that he has enrolled his four year old daughter in a private school in Cheshire effectively end any speculation of a move to Chelsea.

  30. unknown says:

    What u say now?

  31. cheneize_ingles says:

    well to be fair he did score in the Manchester derby

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