Carlos Tevez signs for ‘extraordinary’ Manchester City

Ollie Irish

14th, July 2009


The world tour for Tony Hart’s Gallery was a massive success
As expected, Tevez is off to City, for £25.5m. And so another pampered ego who couldn’t do his time on the bench moves on. But will things be any different for the whinging Tevez at Eastlands? Let’s look at the facts…
City’s ridiculously swollen roster of forwards now looks like this:
Tevez, Bellamy, Santa Cruz, Robinho, Benjani, Bojinov, Caceido, Evans. And Emmanuel Adebayor could also be on the way (more on which later today).
If Tevez really thinks he’ll be guaranteed a starting place next season, he’s deluded. Mark Hughes wasn’t afraid to drop Robinho, and he won’t be afraid to leave out Tevez either – although Tevez is small, he is not the fox-in-the-box who will thrive on Santa Cruz’s knockdowns.
I’ve said it before, Tevez is not the sharpest tool in the box. His lack of self-awareness is shocking – he is one of those players who clearly believes everything good that is said and written about him. He is also a puppet in his agent’s hands. As such, Carlito’s ego is monstrously disproportionate to his ability. In his own mind, he’s still ‘the next Maradona’; in reality, he’s a decent player with several flaws to his game, not least of which is his finishing (a major flaw for a striker to have).
Yet Sparky Hughes doesn’t appear to see this:
‘Carlos is an international player of the highest class who possesses all the attributes that will help drive this club forward,’ City’s manager said. ‘He is not only outstanding technically but he is a reliable goal scorer and someone who will contribute fully to the team ethic.’
A reliable goal scorer!!? Do me a favour. Team ethic!!? Tevez is the man who puts the ‘I in team. Hughes will discover the true Tevez in no time.
Tevez says he’s delighted to be joining such a potentially ‘extraordinary club’ as City. It’s the perfect choice of adjective. There’s nothing ordinary about City these days, and I already miss the Blue Moon moans of celeb fans like Noel Gallagher. City is a proud English club with proud fans. Now they are the equivalent of a billionaire’s super yacht. Chelsea fans, can you let City fans know what they are in for. United fans must be glad to see the back of the little Argentine irritant.

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  1. Bluenose says:

    It’s amazing how quickly people start slagging players off as soon as they join City. Go crawl back in your hole you bitter rag.

  2. China says:

    I’ve said it before, Tevez is not the sharpest tool in the box. His lack of self-awareness is shocking – he is one of those players who clearly believes everything good that is said and written about him. (Hmmmmm 3 x South American player of the year,75,000 begging him to stay? sour grapes?
    Even in a red shirt City appreciated he was class, but then thats the difference between pure loyalty and pompous arrogance, at least you have berbaflop and crank boy Owen, anyone for Scouse humble pie? Oh sorry forgot the news shattering signature of Valencia, who was he again? Still with old bacon chops keepin his cheque book in the draw we won’t have to embarass you again in the money stakes. Lets have it right fellers you know your running scared, we know youre running scared that faint whiff of blood in the nostrils is invigorating.

  3. Gratian says:

    Ollie Irishon doesn’t want things to change in football. he wants the big 4 to remain the big 4 for ever and ever and ever.
    City are the saviours of English top flight football. It has needed a massive shake up for a few seasons and now it is getting one.
    Run for cover Ollie you cretin.

  4. Only 1 team in manchester says:

    Bluenose your spot on, every united fan i know are gutted they were loosing Tevez, he put 110% into everything he did for west ham and for the scum and they know that, but like you say, bitter united fan just can’t take it that he is a blue now and that fergi has lost it and lost a quality player, so whats next, Ronaldo is not the best player in the world now cos he dosn’t play for united anymore!!… United are seeing there arse!! but at least they might have a shout with Owen upfront haha… FERGI HAS LOST IT!!!

  5. Adam says:

    Wow, feel the love.
    I’m pretty sure Ollie is a Spurs fan (more ammo) so he’s not a bitter Red (correct me if I’m wrong).
    And while his criticism of Tevez may be a bit harsh, you can’t argue that Tevez is a goal machine. So far in English football he hasn’t scored frequently enough to be considered a top class striker.
    And yes, City may well eventually break the top four, but to claim they are the saviours of English football is incredibly naive. They are simply a new Chelsea, who will further disrupt the balance of power and place ridiculous emphasis on money in football in a time when most people are struggling to survive.
    They are doing nothing more than taking the game even further away from it’s people, the working class fans.

  6. ManU Matu says:

    What to say? I was truly disappointed when Cralos was leaving Old Trafford, but I must agree with Ollie Irish. Tevez is a great player, but he can´t have a guaranteed place in such a club as ManU (Chelsea, Liverpool and now maybe Man City) with so many games to play each season.. Yes, I felt too that he was sometimes left behind and that he could play in place of others, but it is the risk every player nowadays must face and carry in top football. Fregie made maybe a mistake that he lost him, but with such a players around Carlos in ManCity, I ma more than sure, he will not get more chances than he had in OT and I am pretty curious how many golas he´ll score.. If more than 15 in the league, then I will eat my ManU shirt :-) And coming back to Michael Owen – I feel /don´t know why/ that he will shut up all the traps of his critics and he will shine this season and will be the biggest surprise of Premier League season… Howgh!

  7. jeneria says:

    This is the deal with Man City. They have probably bought themselves one or two quality seasons. They will probably even earn a Champions League spot since Arsenal and Liverpool (as much as it hurts me to admit) seem weak right now. (Chelsea I’m reserving judgment on until I see how the Terry situation pans out). Real the first go around was able to buy a couple of strong seasons and Chelsea was, too.
    But that third season? Well then you’ve got a bench of egos complaining about not getting enough playing time and wanting upgrades on their contracts. And Man City will not be able to recoup their initial investments because they’ve quite simply been overpaying. The guys they’re getting are good players, certainly, but Man City is paying them as though they are great players. Maybe they will be, but probably not.
    Tevez is a strong player, but I wouldn’t want him on my team (and luckily he didn’t go to my team because that would be an insult to Man U fans but Man City doesn’t bother Man U fans at all) because within months of arriving, he starts complaining. His on-field production is strong and he certainly gives his all on the pitch, but off the pitch it’s whining and bitching. C-Ron can bitch all he wants, he is pure production. But Tevez? I’m not sure he’s earned that.

  8. martin says:

    adam 11.51. city are taking the game further away from the fans? Correct me if Im wrong but havent City just lowered their season ticket prices? They will further disrupt the balance of power? Thats what everybody outside the cozy top four wants! What are you on?

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