Do you want Michael Owen to succeed at Man Utd?

Ollie Irish

14th, July 2009


I’ll admit it: I want Michael Owen to be the Premier League’s top scorer this season. There, I said it. Then I want him to go to the World Cup with England and win the Golden Shoe/Boot/Whatever FIFA call it now.
It’s a crazy dream, I know, but then a small part of me still clings tenaciously – romantically – to the belief that the Owen of 1998 is not completely dead.
Owen’s career was almost killed by moves to Real Madrid and then the weeping abortion of a club that is Newcastle Utd - remember, he didn’t want to join either club. But I see a new fire in his eyes again, a desire to prove everyone that wrote him off wrong.
I’m realistic enough to know that Owen is not the player he was. He has lost pace, sharpness and confidence. At least Fergie should fix the confidence part.
Even if you’re not a United fan, I think there are still a lot of fans out there who want Owen to do well this season. He may be a washed-up striker, but he’s our washed-up striker.

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  1. Kipp says:

    I really sincerely hope he falls on his face, that youtube video of him green screened over dubai made me realise football is his pastime now.
    In the 3 games he does play this season, i hope he doesn’t put boot to ball and winds up sports personality of the year.

  2. ManU Matu says:

    You crazy! Why are you so green eyed? You´re the one of those craps, who will see, what Michael is still capable of this season.. Fall on your face Kipp!

  3. jeneria says:

    I used to adore Owen, but not any longer. I don’t want him to suffer or anything horrible, but I don’t want him to succeed. I know there’s no loyalty in sports. And I can’t wait to see how Man U fans react when Golden Boy Becks comes back to play for Man City or Chelsea.

  4. Spenser says:

    I’m one of the few (i think) Liverpool fans that don’t see him as a dirty traitor, I see him as a player who has the world thinking he sucks, and trying to show that he’s still got it.
    I almost feel ashamed, because I love Liverpool, but Michael deserves a good season at Utd.

  5. Man_Utd_Fan says:

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!

  6. Greg says:

    “Owen’s career was almost killed by moves to Real Madrid and then the weeping abortion of a club that is Newcastle Utd – remember, he didn’t want to join either club.”
    He didn’t want to join Real Madrid?
    He was trying his best to let his contract run down at Liverpool to leave on a Bosman and line his already full pockets even more. If Rafa hadn’t arrived when he did, our incompetent board would have let him get away with it too
    The bloke is a has been. Liverpool should have sold him in 2002 when his pace started to go. He’s a one trick pony who lost his trick a long time ago.
    He’s greedy, self-obsessed and injury prone – I hope he gets exactly what he deserves.
    Still, at least the sub’s bench at OT is heated, which will be nice for him…

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