Rio Ferdinand reveals the three toughest strikers he’s played against

Ollie Irish

29th, October 2009


“Rio here, innit. Here is some of the strikers what merked me in my illustrious career. Braaaap!”

Translation: In an interview with the Manchester Evening News, Ferdinand revealed which strikers had given him the most problems in his career.

First up:


“He doesn’t play against you, he plays away from you. He asks you to come and mark him, or let him hurt you with his passing.”

Who else? Slightly more prosaic choices…


John Hartson
“In training, John Hartson was ridiculous. You’d train with him and get eight studs in your ear. On a Friday, he’d attack you from all angles.”

And finally…


Kevin Davies
“Kevin Davies is difficult to play against – very physical.”

I’m not surprised about Raul, and I too would have hated to play against Hartson. Davies’ capacity for putting himself about is also well-documented. But no Fernando Torres or Craig Bellamy? Surely some mistake.

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  1. Buzz Gorry says:

    I was all wrong. My guess was Drogba-Torres-Ibrahimovic

  2. alex says:

    usually the ones he doesnt like the most are ones that are followed by specific incidents. and if i was a reporter it wouldnt be interesting to read if it was the normal Torres, Drogba and so on.

  3. jam jam says:

    torres, drogba , crouch ny guess was ! kevin daies ?who is he?

  4. asdfasdf says:

    people who keep saying drogba, torres, and henry are probably noobs. ferdinand apparently start playing football way before the year 2003 aight? i think ferdinand meant footballer who consistently gave him trouble, yeah henry, torres, drogba are good,but they only gave ferdinand problem only when they’re on form or when ferdinand is not on form, therefore not consistent enough…

  5. Danny says:

    So?…The others are piece of cake?

  6. megaman789 says:

    @asdfasf- What makes you think Torres, Drogba and Henry are inconsistent???

  7. dfjjsdf says:

    Well there’s no doubt that Hartson and Davies are tough, rugged and combative players. Torres and Drogba for all their brilliance are hardly tough and combative. Shame on the person who guessed that the overrated clown Ibrahamovic would be on this list.

  8. J_L_C says:

    @dfjjsdf, you are, quite simply, an idiot. To say that Torres is “hardly tough and combative” shows that you have absolutley no idea what you’re talking about. Fernando Torres is one of, if not the toughest strikers in the premier league, which, combined with his unparalelled skill makes him the best striker in the world. Fact.

  9. Puddy100 says:

    I hope you regain your form, Rio..!!! Kevin Davies = awesome unsung hero

  10. Gerry says:

    Torres is a handful of course, but he is far from tough and combative. He is too lightweight and not aggressive enough to be considered a tough and combative opponent. His pace is his main weapon, for someone to say he is one of if not the toughest strikers in the PL is ridiculous. I agree that Ibrahimovic is a joke suggestion. I think it was deliberate he mentioned players that had retired or play abroad as it may give players still playing an edge next time they played. Like when Adebayor said that Vidic was the best defender he’d played against and then proceded to do nothing against him over 2 legs in the CL.

  11. Furlong says:

    i think a viduka in his prime would have been high up there, had they not played for the same team for a while. he’s still for me one of the most gifted at holding up the ball for others, as well as his deft skill and danger in the air.

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