Kung-fu football courtesy of Shaolin Soccer

Ollie Irish

17th, January 2007


This clip is taken from the film Shaolin Soccer (which I admit I had never heard of before finding the video). Click here to find out more about the film. I’ll leave you with a quote on the film from an Amazon reviewer: "If you only watch one film about a combination of martial arts and footy then make it this one!"

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  1. Jungle Pop says:

    This is a great movie – a real cult classic in Asia, where I’ve lived and where I first saw it. A must-see!

  2. bryn says:

    i’ve gotta disagree with you jungle pop, its one of the worst films ive ever seen (except for the ridiculous stepovers, which is quite funny!)

  3. joe says:

    no, this film is legendary, the precurser to Kung-Fu Hustle, its a bloody funny take on footy. im right and youre wrong.