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6th, March 2007

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Barca_1With Liverpool taking on the mighty Barcelona in tonights Champions League grudge match, it’s worth showcasing the Catalonians tangerine away kit.

For the first time ever, the Barca shirt features a sponsor, but rather than sully their kit with a McDonalds golden arches or somesuch, they got a nice charity adorning the front. Well, KitBag are selling the Barca shirt, complete with first ever sponsor and Ronaldinho name/number printed on the back, for £49.99. So if you’re a Liverpool fan, you might want to purchase one tomorrow like claiming a scalp… or, Everton fans might want to rub in a savage beating. Either way, one half of Merseyside should be interested in this come the morning. [Mof Gimmers]

Click here if you want to buy the Ronaldinho Barca Shirt from KitBag

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1 Comment

  1. Col says:

    More clubs should have charity sponsors. But do Unicef have to pay to stick their logo on there?