Cult Hero: Tony Gubba

Ollie Irish

2nd, April 2007

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gubba.gifName Tony Gubba
Job Football commentator/reporter
Special Powers 1) Longevity – Gubba has been commentating on football (and other stuff, including ITV’s Dancing On Ice) for almost 40 years. Now 63, he shows no signs of stopping. 2) Fly fishing – Tony is a keen fly fisherman. Fancy that!
He said ‘The ball must be as slippery as a wet baby.’

We said
‘Gubba’s distinctive voice takes us back to the romantic pre-Premiership, pre-Sky days, when football really was the beautiful game and people gave a toss about the FA Cup.’ Or something like that.

Did you know?
Cult band Half Man Half Biscuit named a song, ‘Gubba Look-a-likes’, after him.

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1 Comment

  1. lee c says:

    Tony Gubba is also a dead ringer for the white bit off a spring onion