THE VOTE Should players be allowed to deliberately get themselves booked to avoid untimely suspensions?

Ollie Irish

4th, April 2007


sloth-goonies.jpgSo Dirk Kuyt (pictured, left) reportedly got himself booked deliberately during last night’s Champions League walkover, by failing to retreat for a free-kick. This means the Dutch striker will now serve a one-game suspension in the second leg of the virtually-dead Liverpool v PSV rubber and thus be free to play in the CL semis. Most of you may remember David Beckham did something similar for England a couple of years ago. I’m sure this isn’t a new tactic in football but it still leaves a sour taste in the mouth.
Professionalism or cynical cheating? What say you?

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  1. Brian says:

    Brilliant. The picture, Dirk Kuyt, the whole post. It’s a shame about his hair though. Oh, that hair. beautiful man.

  2. OmegaSupremeho says:

    I see no reason for TPTB to get involved in this kind of thing as long as they don’t do a “see I’m clever me” Beckham ting and start blabbing about it.

  3. Abby says:

    Lehmann did the same this season- got himself booked so the game he missed was the Carling Cup final, as Wenger said only the ones who’d played in CC games beforehand would be selected. Brilliant.

  4. joe says:

    I think yellow cards are given out too cheaply these days a player has every right to work the system which has ruined so many tournaments right at the end when players everyone pays to watch have to sit out the biggest matches because some arsehole from Bolivia felt card happy.