Gerrard and Lampard CAN play together! Oh, the relief


1st, June 2007

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Gerrard_Lampard_L.jpgStop us if you’ve heard this one before… England skipper John ‘Mr JT’ Terry has rubbished claims that Frank Lampard and… wait for it… Steven Gerrard cannot play together.
Terry is very confident that buddy Fat Frank and Stevie G can form a deadly partnership in central midfield, although why he is so confident is a mystery. Terry said: ‘It’s baffling what people say because Frank and Steven are two of the best players in world football and are playing great stuff week in, week out… People say they can’t play together which, for me, is ridiculous.’
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Do we never learn anything in this country?!!! Un-fricking-believable.

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1 Comment

  1. Joe says:

    Having watched the Brazil match, I don’t think the problem is that they can’t play together, it’s the fact that Lampard is essentially a large jar of Vaseline when not having Makelele and Essien behind him. Stevie Wonder nobly did his duty at defensive midfield, a role unfamiliar to him, but Lamps was all but invisible for 90 minutes. Should have been dropped instead of Becks.