Poland’s entry in the Eurovision Great Own Goal Contest gets 12 points from us…


5th, June 2007


Props to Pies reader Lupek for alerting us to this screamer of an own goal, scored by a player called MÄ…dry ( which, according to Lupek, means ‘wise’) of ŁKS Łomża, in an away game against Polonia Warszawa, in a Polish second-division fixture last week. Enjoy…

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  1. Col says:

    Amazing finish though…

  2. miłosz says:

    indeed MÄ…dry means wise

  3. Marcin says:

    It is the most beautyful goal in his life ;) hehe

  4. marcin says:

    I never heard about this player before but now I think that he should play in our national team in attack

  5. iwe says:

    he wanted to show he is good in offensive either ;P

  6. Polish Football Association President says:

    Fuck me :D he would never score a goal like that if he wanted to

  7. lukasz says:

    I have never heard- a nie ‘I never heard’ oraz zakonczenie zdania nie na ‘either’, ale na ‘too’. Poza tym, caÅ‚kiem niezÅ‚a angielszczyzna:)

  8. robotERROR says:

    I told a friend of mine from Poznan about this stunning goal. I added, that the scorer plays for LKS Lomza. We laughed, of course, because none of us actually believed that a goal from our country would appear on the blog. But then, my mate asked who the scorer was, because he had a friend playing in LKS Lomza. And yes, the friend was Madry. ROTFL+LOL4+LMAO and every other thing you can imagine…

  9. polski kibol says:

    Did you ever see own goal from penalty?
    Also from Poland :D