David Beckham at risk from deep vein thrombosis (but not really)


8th, June 2007

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anti-dvt-socks.jpgDavid Beckham’s mega-commute from LA (a Galaxy far, far away) to London could play havoc with his health, according to attention-seeking ‘experts’.
Becks will clock up thousands of air miles if he continues to play for England while with the LA Galaxy, prompting aviation health expert Farrol Kahn to warn: ‘It puts him in the high-risk category for getting deep-vein thrombosis (DVT). That would ruin that leg for life – you simply could not use it again.’
Hmm, is this really news, or just the BBC’s desperate attempt to create another nothing Beckham story?

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1 Comment

  1. jamesey says:

    A month ago, England didn’t care what happened to Becks. Now the BBC is writing bogus articles to scare him away from the USA. A load of players and coaches are saying MLS will make him a worse player. Where were these people 5 months ago, when he was supposedly shit?
    Becks, we got your back in LA, and in the USA.