Anyone know who ‘Moctobon’ is?

Ollie Irish

8th, June 2007


I’m not too sure about the finer details of this goal, but I do know it gives a new meaning to the phrase trying to walk it in. What a goal though! Can anyone fill in the blanks?

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  1. Bob says:

    A quick Google search shows that it may or may not be a nickname for a Turkish player named MuhteÅŸem Goller. Or it could be a fancy cocktail that you sip on the beach.

  2. Timothy B. says:

    It’s Russian. The name is ‘Mostovoi’.

  3. Rob P says:

    Cheers, Timothy. That seems to be spot on and the player in question is, of course, Aleksandr.
    Did try the simple Google search, but guessed that MuhteÅŸem Goller meant something goal rather than being the player’s name.

  4. Lolo says:

    Russian striker Aleksander Mostovoi – I know that hi was playing in Celta Vigo but where is he now?

  5. Picasso says:

    that’s wright. He’s name is Mostovoi. But Russians use different letters. They have everything different… :)
    His last club was Alavez, but I have no idea if he still play football.

  6. aalms says:

    nah, he retired