West Ham Utd and Sheffield Utd have the same fixtures. You know, just in case…


14th, June 2007


The West Ham/Sheffield Utd relegation mess is still unresolved, but football league chiefs are clearly very confident that the Blades will fail in their bid to overturn their relegation from the Premiership – so confident that West Ham, not Sheffield, have been included in the brand new fixture list for the Prem 07/08 season.
However, look more closely at the fixtures and you’ll notice a pattern – every time West Ham has a home match, so do Sheffield Utd; the same goes for away games. A coincidence or a case of the football authorities insuring themselves against any eventuality?
West Ham fixtures vs Sheffield Utd fixtures
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  1. david burn says:

    Upon looking closer at the fixtures you will see that West Ham play Liverpool on the 15th August @ Anfield so therefore your theory is incorrect

  2. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    I mean that on the days when both teams have fixtures, they are always both at home or away – the Blades have no fixture on 15 August.

  3. RobinFiveWords says:

    This is astonishingly responsible of the EPL and the League. Well done on their parts.