Sean Bean appeals for Sheffield United to be re-instated to Premier League

Ollie Irish

15th, June 2007


Hollywood actor and Sheffield United fan Sean Bean has recorded a video message criticising the Premier League panel’s decision not to dock West Ham points over Carlos Tevez’s transfer. The message is part of the Campaign for Fairness in Football. You can sympathise with the Blades’ plight but when Bean says they were relegated through no fault of their own you can’t help but think that winning more games might have helped their cause!

[Via 101GreatGoals]

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  1. Sheffield United has no king. Sheffield United needs no king.

  2. Simon says:

    Can someone seriously shut Sheff Utd up now please? It’s sooooo boring, you got relegated because you couldn’t beat Wigan at home, not because we signed a couple of players who had an illegal clause in their contract. Get over it and start showing some dignity.