Oliver Kahn is a metrosexual man bag-carrier


29th, June 2007


74947626.jpgHere’s Bayern Munich goalkeeper Oliver Kahn, aka the White Gorilla, rocking up to Bayern’s first pre-season training session. How metrosexual does he look? Answer: very metrosexual indeed. Let’s look at the evidence: white jeans, pink A&F t-shirt, Truman Capote-style sunglasses and, the piece de resistance, a cheeky little man bag containing, we guess, a small tube of moisturiser and some lip gloss.
Kahn looks, well… not entirely comfortable with his get-up. As someone who looks like your archetypal Die Hard villain No.3, he should really stick to the standard issue ‘Armani suit over a white t-shirt’ look. [Photo: Getty Images]

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  1. John says:

    Very Queer Eye Oli?
    WTF! This is a guy I grew up respecting…wearing pink and tight white pants like a freakin sailor boy.
    Should retire soon…the wardrobe first…I hope!

  2. Prederick says:

    Does. Not. Compute.

  3. Lorenzo says:

    Hey, english people, you don’t even know what style is!

  4. Em says:

    The real problem is that he’s wearing these thnigs and he doesn’t even look good in them!

  5. chringle says:

    “a cheeky little man bag containing, we guess, a small tube of moisturiser”
    more like a small tube of lube…

  6. Matthew Burke says:

    I guess this fag is just one of your crappy shit lookalikes, isn’t he ?