Copa America 2007 Final: Brazil beat Argentina 3-0 to lift trophy


16th, July 2007


Just when you think you’ve got this game sussed… Argentina – who have been on fire throughout this tournament and were favourites to win – get whipped in the final by a Brazil side who have struggled along at times. The scoring was opened with a fine finish from Julio Baptista, who hasn’t be able to hit the proverbial cow’s backside all season at Arsenal. He latched onto what the loopy commentator in the video below describes as an ‘existential’ ball!
Brazil went 2-0 when Roberto Ayala turned the ball into his own net. And a flowing counter-attack allowed Wagner Love to play in Chelsea/Liverpool target Daniel Alves for the third goal. He slid the ball home before ruining all that good work by repeatedly kissing his biceps in celebration!

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  1. Phantom-Pain says:

    Who the hell is doing the commentary?

  2. Bill from DC says:

    The announcer is former Newcastle / NASL man Ray Hudson.
    Some of his more interesting quotes are at

  3. ace says:

    well he certainly didn’t get into newcastle for his voice…it’s annoying…in fact it’s still ringing in my head and i turned off the video over 30 seconds ago…arrggg

  4. Zaatar says:

    Dani Alves had a tattoo on his arm, didn’t he?

  5. Craig says:

    The USA is the only country in the world that would allow a Geordie to commentate..