Spectacular overhead bicycle kick own goal

Ollie Irish

6th, August 2007


Watch out Chris Brass because you might have some competition, matey! This has got to be up there with the best own goals of all time. An overhead kick own goal from about 14 yards out – you wouldn’t think it was possible but it is! This astounding incident comes from a recent Brazil under 20s game between Fluminense and Cruzeiro. The defender – with no attackers anywhere near him – pulls off this spectacular bicycle kick to leave his keeper stranded.

[Via Brazil Offside]

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  1. Jungle Pop says:

    Ya gotta admit, that keeper was pretty quick on the dive there – perhaps he knew of the scoring prowess of his defender?

  2. Toffee says:

    If he’d of managed to put his ‘shot’ wide it would of been a quality clearance! Only in South America eh..