France coach claims Materazzi was ‘man of the match’


9th, August 2007

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Zidane_headbutt.jpgIt was the head butt that ruined France’s hopes of reclaiming the World Cup and ended a legend’s career on a sour note – while the Italian antagonist, Marco Materazzi, instantly became football’s public enemy No. 1.
Well, that’s how we remember it but it seems French coach, Raymond Domenech, had a different view. “In a World Cup final you score a goal, you get the opposing best player sent off and then you score your penalty (in the shootout). Say what you want about Pirlo, but Materazzi was the man of the match,” he said.
Good to see he isn’t holding a grudge – at least not with anyone other than Zizou perhaps. Now that the dust has settled, where would you point your finger of blame?

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1 Comment

  1. CS says:

    Say what you will about Materazzi, he is no saint, but to classify him as “public enemy no.1” for his role in this is absurd. Zidane lost his mind momentarily and damaged his teams’ hope of winning football’s greatest prize. Zidane disgraced football’s biggest stage, let down his teammates, and let down his country. He has no one to blame but himself.