David Beckham scores his first goal for LA Galaxy

Ollie Irish

16th, August 2007


Becks found the net (and perhaps even more miraculously, the pitch) in LA Galaxy’s victory over DC United in the SuperLiga. He scored a trademark free kick on 28 minutes, and also set up Landon Donovan for a second goal. Beckham, who was made captain for the game, lasted 63 minuted before being substituted. He said: “It was nice to get the early goal, but it was not just about my goal and Landon’s goal. I think it was a team performance that was exceptional, we worked hard as a team and played hard as a team and we won as a team. So it was more pleasing for the performance.”

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  1. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    That’s more views of one set piece than you’d get in a John Woo movie! Nice goal though.

  2. mike says:

    I can’t understand one thing… why do opposing teams always make a wall when Beckham’s taking a free kick? The keeper can’t see the ball until it’s too late – so scatter the players in another formation. That way the keeper will see the ball all the way, and have a better chance of keeping it out.

  3. gamble says:

    He wouldnt float it in like that then though. He’d just pound it at one of the corners like a penalty & the keeper would get noway near it

  4. MLock says:

    He’s gonna score from a lot of dead balls until US keepers get used to those kind of kicks. Free kicks in the US to this point are either straight blasts or looping lollipops — they’ve just not had to deal with the kind of flat, turning kicks that keepers in Europe see all the time.
    He will make Galaxy’s keepers better too, on the training pitch.

  5. jamilnho says:

    the keeper is actually beat by the concept of curl..
    he moves to his left as soon as the ball approaches the wall, and then the curl takes the ball away from him and he just watches it..
    to be fair it was a peach of a shot :)