Will hooliganism ruin Wednesday’s game versus Russia?

Ollie Irish

10th, September 2007


Punch Russian football into the interweb, you’ll get about ten sites offering near naked Russian foxes booting balls about, about 1000 sites yapping on about Roman Abramovich, a little about kids kicking balls on ice, and a truck load of grown men kicking lumps out of each other. The featured video, is an organised Moscow soccer brawl which reminds us of that newscaster brawl on the brilliant Will Ferrell movie Anchorman.
There’s still a major, major hooligan problem in Russia, much of it worryingly seems to stem around race and anti-semitism. So is New Wembley in danger of witnessing it’s first hoolie trouble this week? Fingers crossed no, but we’d be interested to hear what any of you with experience or knowledge of Russian football have to think on the matter. Let us know with your comments below.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I lived in Moscow for six months last year and was hoping to watch loads of football out there, as its the easiest entertainment for someone who doesn’t speak Russian. Went to one CSKA game and I can honestly say it was petrifying. Football is stuck in the 70s out there. I’m Welsh, but I’ll be supporting England.

  2. Ashwin says:

    To be honest, I think its a bit rich that English fans are complaining about hooliganism. Forget the 70’s, I still remember witnessing you guys in Holland during Euro 2000.
    That being said, I respect the British police and I’m sure they’ll be able to handle any trouble. Unless Putin is shipping in his Polonium again.

  3. m4re says:

    As an American I find this culture absolutely scary, I have season tickets to an NFL team, and go to countless MLB games and the craziest it ever gets is two drunks get in a shoving match, broken up immediately by 10 stewards. Is it really too difficult for the authorities to stamp this out? Is fighting even a crime there?

  4. bob says:

    two russians got stabbed by chelsea in a fight involving 60 russians and 80 english
    terrible stuff