Premier League weekend 15/16 Sept: 10 conclusions


17th, September 2007


1 Cesc Fabregas (pictured after scoring against Spurs at the weekend) is so good it scares me. Two assists and one goal in the North London derby, and, as Arseblog points out, it wasn’t even his best performance of the season. Is there a more valuable player in the Premier League right now? (Answer: no, there isn’t)
2 I’m no West Ham fan, but it was great to see Dean Ashton score his first goal since the 2006 FA Cup final. Of course, the fact he’s in my fantasy football team has nothing to do with it!
3 More good news for Man City fans – this Michael Johnson fellow looks a bit tasty (click here to see his goal against Villa). And he’s still only 19. Suddenly the future of English football looks bright.

4 If Spurs lose at home to Bolton next Sunday, Martin Jol will have to find a new job. Conversely, if Spurs thump Bolton (as I suspect they might), then Sammy Lee will have to find a new job. Both managers are living on borrowed time.
5 Clint Dempsey (who is also in my fantasy football team) is settling in to English football nicely and could well be Fulham’s saviour – ie. the man who helps them avoid the drop – this season. Go Deuce!
6 Kenwyne Jones looks like another inspired Roy Keane signing.
7 Why would Rafa Benitez keep Gerrard and Torres on the bench – I thought the league was his priority this season? As strong as Pompey are at home, Liverpool should be taking three points from Fratton if they have genuine title pretensions.
8 Two points off the top after one of their worst starts to a season – looks like reports of a Man Utd crisis were greatly exaggerated.
9 Gareth Bale is not overrated, as even I first suspected. He is pure class and has been one of the few bright spots in Spurs’ sorry start to the campaign.
10 Brad Friedel is the best goalkeeper in the Prem, and has been for many seasons now.

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  1. Footballers seem to live a topsy-turvy life, in form one time and glorified and a while later, producing poor results. Indeed no player can claim to be constantly consistent.
    Having said this, this must be Fabregas’ time! He’s really been excellent for Arsenal

  2. Jon says:

    “Suddenly the future of English football looks bright.”
    Easy tiger, let’s not go nuts.

  3. Col says:

    I agree with pretty much all of that. Except number 11 should be £16 million for someone who has no left foot? And cannot score in a one on one? Waste of money? Probably.

  4. Daniel says:

    Gareth Bale is quality and still young. Seems to be playing more in midfield when I thought he was a left-back.
    “Another” inspired Roy Keane signing? What about all the uninspired ones?

  5. Nicky S says:

    “Liverpool should be taking three points from Fratton if they have genuine title pretensions.”
    Like Man Utd did you mean?

  6. pajodublin says:

    “Brad Friedel is the best goalkeeper in the Prem, and has been for many seasons now”
    I think you for got to add the following words to that sentence,
    “apart from Reina & Cech”

  7. nicko says:

    no doubt cech is a good keeper… but i would be a good keeper behind that defence… he has nothing to do.
    Reina is good at saving pens… but as an overall keeper I can think of a few better in the prem

  8. chris says:

    cech is the best goalkeeper in the prem, fact. most things in football are opinion based, for instance, after undoubtedly the best keeper in the prem, cech, there are four or five keepers who i think its fair on opinion to interchange, friedel is defo one of them, along with jaaskelainen, given, van der sar,and this season i would add reina to that, but people have been raving about him for years and for me hes always been dodgy but this season ive been converted. still not as good as cech tho. after that you have the average (robinson) the awesome one minute, shocking the next (james) and the ones for the future (foster, carson)

  9. chris says:

    oooh forgot what i actually cam on comments for…point four, we (bolton) actually play spuds at the reebok, tho i unfortunately can also see us getting a hiding. come on sammy prove us all wrong!!