United colours of the Premier League – who’s the best Spanish player?

Ollie Irish

1st, November 2007


This week we’ve been taking a look at the finest imports from some of the greatest foreign football nations represented in our multi-cultural league.
So far, over a thousand of you have voted to name Elano as the best Brazilian and Tim Cahill as the league’s best Australian. Now it’s time to cast our critical eyes over the Spanish armada that seems to have largely sailed into Merseyside.
Click through to vote for the best Spaniard from our shortlist of six

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  1. Fabregas says:

    This is probably the most obvious one!!!

  2. Dee-licious says:

    it has 2 b da best midfielder in the premierleague rite nw…..CESC!!!

  3. ezyo says:

    where is the true hero of the grove, almunia?!

  4. Liam says:

    I support United but this really has to go to Cesc.

  5. ed says:

    Fabregas by a mile and a half. All are decent, except Campo who is a fat, poodle haired cheat and is well past it, but Cesc is phenomenal.

  6. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    Hmm, I’d say that’s fairly conclusive.

  7. Torres says:

    Personally i think Torres is the best player… mybe not the current best but is the best because he is such a versatile goalscorer and is very good at helping out teammates

  8. m4re says:

    You probably should have made the poll “who’s the best spaniard not named Cesc Fabregas.” Things would have been a bit closer between Arteta, Xabi Alonso, and Torres…

  9. gabie says:

    I agree with m4re. Fabregas is certainly the best right now and it’s non-arguable. It would be much more interesting without Cesc. Almunia should’ve been put on this list as well. :) he’s been doing great as arsenal’s current GK. :)

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