HolloWatch: Ian Holloway loves fudge cake (and Leicester City too, by the sounds of it)


20th, November 2007

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cake.JPGPies hero Ian Holloway has demonstrated his sweet tooth by discussing his love of fudge cake in his BBC column this week. Asked by a reader what his favourite cake was, Ollie said: “Black Forest gateau’s lovely, but if I was going to choose anything for a pudding it would be fudge cake with a nice bit of ice cream on top.
“My mum also used to cut me a nice slice of madeira cake when I was younger and I still like that with a cup of tea. Sometimes I used to dunk it in my tea, although you have to be quick because it has a tendency to fall in!”
And if you believe the rumours, Leicester City chairman Milan Mandaric will soon be wafting a slab of fudge cake and a hefty wad of cash under Ollie’s nose to tempt him to join the Foxes. The Telegraph reports Mandaric has a £250,000 compensation package ready for Plymouth Argyle and is offering Ollie £400,000 a year to take Leicester to the Premier League.

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1 Comment

  1. nafisa says:

    Fudge Cake is a treat that everyone loves. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, the taste of a smooth, creamy piece of delicious Fudge appeals to everyone.

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