La Liga Lunes: La Liga – the league nobody wants to lead


26th, November 2007

You know those cycling sprint races where both riders go as slowly as possible in an attempt to get the other to take the lead? Well that (give or take a bicycle or two) is La Liga at the moment. Real Madrid, currently the leaders looking nervously over their shoulders, dropped points with a 1-1 at Real Murcia on Saturday giving Villarreal the perfect opportunity to overtake them. Villarreal were having none of it though. They followed up with a 1-1 draw of their own at home to Almeria.
All of this meant Barcelona moved to within two points of Real and one point of Villarreal with their 3-0 victory over Recreativo Huelva.

Match of the week was definitely Atletico Madrid’s 4-3 victory over Vallodolid.

Real Madrid’s Guti ventures out in this top probably looking a little pensive at the prospect of bumping into his stalker.

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