Adriano faces ban for headbutt


13th, February 2008

I did toy with the Fat man to be suspended headline, but there you go. Heavyweight Inter Milan striker (are they still admitting to owning him?) Adriano decided to rediscover his form by bringing one of Zinedine Zidane’s most famous moves to the Brazilian league, where he is currently on loan with Sao Paulo. Adextramayo is now facing an extended spell on the sidelines for this shove of his cranium.

It would be good to see Adriano return to the form of 2004/05 that led to him being labelled the best striker in the world. He went through a phase of partying a bit too hard, but he’s scored a few goals in Brazil and looked like he was sorting himself out, at least until this incident. He’s still only 25 and has a lot to offer the game.

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